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Social and Work Commitment Vs Wellness | Shubhi Srivastava


clockWe are busy people, always overloaded with work with deadlines to meet, targets to achieve – always pressed for time. We are also committed people too, towards our family and friends as most of us work hard work for the happiness and well-being of our loved ones. We are also sometimes lazy, unaware and helpless too. You all must be thinking, why am I telling you all what you already know?

Actually all I want each one of us to do is to reflect for a moment and answer these questions:
  • Are we really so busy?
  • Do we really have a lot of commitments to live up to?
  • Can we be lazy, unaware and helpless?
While you are busy reflecting on this I’d like to put forward some facts:
  • 24 hours will never be more or less. It’s constant for all of us so I guess we need to improve our time management so that in our own lives we have some time for ourselves
  • We are also always going to have to work and in most cases our jobs are demanding and we have bosses with high expectations
  • We live in a society so it’s obvious that we will always have social commitments to live up to
  • And with so much to do already, we also get tired and need rest

We always stretch ourselves to the limits. Our doctors often have to suggest it’s high time we start doing some things for our own wellness or else we will be in bad shape. That’s when we wake up and smell the roses but then also we look for shortcuts to wellness like diets, spending a couple of hours in the gym, power yoga and other so-called quick fixes.

What we should do instead is change our lifestyle for long term wellness, rather than resorting to short cuts (More on this in my next blog). The priority you give to yourself is exactly equal to your level of wellness.

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