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Skincare mistakes that are damaging your face ǀ Gunjan Mittal

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skin is precious

Our skin is our shell that protects us from all external damage. We should treat it with care. There are a lot of mistakes that we relentlessly make which cause more damage.


It’s a process of removing the dead cells from our skin. This was a technique which started in ancient Egypt and is being followed for ages by all women across the globe. It is said that it’s good for your skin but over-doing scrubbing or exfoliation can actually be really harmful. You should not exfoliate more than once or twice a week or it may cause removal of all your skin’s protective barriers.

Going to bed with your make up on

Another common mistake that a lot of women make. It only takes three minutes to remove makeup. Makeup clogs the pores. The stuff that comes out of your pores doesn’t seem clean at all. But underneath your skin are glands called sebaceous glands, and they have a very important purpose. The oil excreted by the sebaceous glands, called sebum, acts like a glue to cling to dead skin cells. The skin cells are then excreted from the body through the pores to help you maintain healthy skin. Sleeping with your makeup on for even one night may cause damage which might take weeks to heal. So, please take those few minutes and always remove your makeup!

Picking at your face

It is probably the most common mistake ever! And every time we do it, it might seem like we are doing nothing wrong but we are actually damaging our skin and running the risk of leaving scars, holes and even infections.

Not washing your hands before washing your face

This is a quite common mistake but hold on for a second and think about all the bacteria, dirt and oil from your hands and fingers that you are putting right on your skin!

Don’t borrow someone else’s make up

Sharing a mascara or foundation might be a terrible mistake as it increases the chances of getting an eye or skin infection. Makeup is the most common place where germs live and sharing just transfers more germs.  It’s tempting sometimes to borrow your best friend’s mascara on a night out, or give yourself a little powder with one of their makeup brushes, but don’t. In this case sharing really isn’t caring.

Choosing the wrong cleanser

Make sure you use the cleanser as per your skin type. Visit your dermatologist to know more about your skin type. You should also change your cleanser based on the seasons and also depending on your problem areas. Always invest in a good cleanser.

Using dirty make up brushes

Dirty makeup brushes are a breeding ground for germs. The oil and other stuff in the makeup attracts germs which then transfers to your skin. You can wash your brushes by rinsing them under warm water and using a gentle cleanser or soap to remove any makeup build up. You have to leave them to dry before you can use them again – but they’ll feel fabulous and soft on your face.

Not using a moisturising cream

Moisturisation is the most important step in your skin care routine. It is important to hydrate your skin. It is inevitable for our skin to dry out, especially over the cold winter times. To avoid it apply a good moisturising cream and your skin will start shining again! Make sure you change your moisturisers with the change in season. With every season the skin requirements change.

Not using a protective sunscreen

The continuously depleting ozone layer has put us at a higher risk of getting affected from the harmful rays of the sun. While you need the sun for your daily dose of Vitamin D, it does not imply that you should put your health at risk! Applying sunscreen actually blocks these harmful rays from penetrating the skin and triggering skin disorders. It prevents skin disorders, skin cancer and premature ageing.

Not using anti-ageing products

We must not wait too long to apply anti-ageing products. Prevention is always the best defence so if you are not in your twenties, start using some good anti-ageing creams!

Neglecting our neck

The neck is the number one indicator of age and quite often we forget to take a good care of it. Maybe you won’t notice a big difference now but if you start cleansing and moisturising south of your chin you will be extremely grateful in a couple of years.

Not getting enough sleep

Sleep is the oldest remedy in the world! A good night’s sleep is what your skin needs to look at its best. A lack of sleep will make your skin dull and pale and you will have dark under-eye circles.

Not washing your pillow cases

Pillow cases accumulate all the make-up and hair product residue that might clog your pores over time. To avoid it change your pillow case at least once a week.

Hot showers

A warm bath is recommended but try to avoid a shower that’s too hot, as although tempting, it can get rid of healthy oils and essential moisture.

Drinking too much soda

Soda is extremely high in sugar and acidity meaning that too much soda might cause irritation and acne to your skin and might also cause a strong redness.

Not eating vegetables

Having a bad diet is another really common mistake. It is important to eat vegetables and add a little of color to your diet: green salad, red tomatoes, etc. Veggies are full of vitamins and are great antioxidants and will help make you skin glow.

So ladies don’t take your skin for granted and give it the extra care and pampering it deserves!!

skin is precious