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Inspirational Women: Ankita Shroff | Associate Director, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Shroff Group, SAV Chemicals Pvt Ltd


CEO and Director, SAV Chemicals Pvt Ltd Associate Director, Shroff Group Ms Ankita Shroff holds her Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from Maharashtra Institute of Technology and Masters in Management from Imperial Business School London. She is the Founder and Director of SAV Chemicals Pvt Ltd and Associate Director at Shroff Group. SAV Chemicals Pvt Ltd, was founded in 2014 is a Professional Manufacturer of instant adhesives products under the brand name MXBON for consumer and industrial markets. In over one year of span, SAV has already penetrated 20 States across India, offering a wide product range and a team size of 20 young and dynamic members. A distinct feature at the SAV factory, is that is has 90% women. It has crossed a turnover of 6.5 cr in the FY ended March’17. She is also an Associate Director at Shroff Group, a real estate developer in Pune, and looks after the Marketing, Sales and Project Development department., Pune on an automation project. Recently she was invited as a delegate to Cambridge University for an Ignite Program for young Entrepreneurs. She was covered on INDIA today “Pune’s ChangeMaker “as the Young and Dynamic Entrepreneur.

She has been featured as 30 women under 30 by Franchise India. She has also been invited a a speaker at Startup Grind, empowered by Google. Her startup story articles have been published on various websites such as Your Story and SMEJoinup. She was invited as a panelist at on a discussion on “START UP INDIA: STAND UP INDIA ” Coinciding with the Campaign Launch by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. Her recent invitation from the PMO office to present a proposal to regarding automation of licenses/ registrations for start up businesses, shows her involvement to ease the process to launch startups. She is actively involved with P K Shroff Trust, in the name of her grandfather which is dedicated for social cause and society upliftment. Also, she has been invited by the Swedish government for a management training program for emerging business leaders. She is one of the other 30 participants selected from India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and China. She would be going to Sweden, Thailand and Singapore on a fully funded program. She is passionate about Travelling, Fitness, Trekking, Technology and Startups.

Tell us about yourself, your background and what you do currently

A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement. I have this conviction that “ checkboxes are made so that they can be ticked”.

Along with Manufacturing and sustainable Businesses , I have truly been passionate about Traveling, Hiking , Badminton, yoga, playing the piano and painting .

Born in Mumbai, raised in Pune , I studied at St. Joseph’s High school-Pashan. The proliferation of information technology and science in everyday life motivated me to study Computer Science in junior college at Fergusson College, Pune.  In Higher Secondary examination, I secured the 15thposition in the Maharashtra State Board. This proved to be my first milestone of achieving excellence in academics.For me it was always about exploring different opportunities and moving out of one’s comfort zone that challenges the individual.

I graduated as a Computer Engineer from Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune. These four years of her life at Engineering was an eclectic mix in academics and extra-curricular activities. I was awarded with ‘Best All Rounder of MIT, Pune’ award. In 2012, I was admitted at London’s Imperial College for a MSc in Management. This one year at London, gave me an opportunity to get familiar with business aspects and different real life case studies   but most importantly was my learning from interacting with people from different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives.

It was during hmy Masters at Imperial Business School I did an internship with Rolls Royce in London and Germany on a consulting project, ‘how to prioritize manufacturing site investments in global companies? Greenfield vs Brownfield Projects’ This project gave an entirely different dimension on how international companies work, joint ventures strategies, production etc.

That’s when I realized my liking towards manufacturing and Sustainable Development. After completing my graduation I came back to join : Shroff group “ our family business of Developing Residential and Commercial projects as the Sales and Marketing Head . Exploring different business ideas , I finally started SAV Chemicals Pvt Ltd , which manufactures Instant adhesives for retail and Industrial applications. Its been over 3 years that we have expanded over 20 states, launched about 50 various products in the industrial segment, crossed a turnover of about 6.5 Cr and a team of 20.

Been passionate about manufacturing and sustainable businesses, in 2016 I was selected amongst 30 Asian Leaders from 6 countries ( India, China, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia ) on a scholarship for Sustainable businesses and Responsible Leadership to Sweden , Thailand and Singapore. This experience was a complete eye opener where the knowledgeable exchange of ideas from diverse sectors and experts led to solutions on different case studies. The biggest learning was how to integrate sustainability practices not only in your professional life but also personal life.

Tell us about any current projects or initiatives you wish to promote

During my journey I was featured on INDIA today “Pune’s ChangeMaker “as the Young and Dynamic Entrepreneur in 2015. I had been featured as 30 women under 30 by Franchise India. I have been continuously invited as a speaker at various colleges, panelist at various events such as “StartUp Grind” empowered by Google, CII event “START UP INDIA: STAND UP INDIA ” Coinciding with the Campaign Launch by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India etc. Recently, I was invited from the PMO office to present a proposal to regarding automation of licenses/ registrations for start up businesses.

Coinciding with what I have been doing, In 2017, I started my initiative to guide and mentor the youth who are yet exploring their path either for pursuing education, Starting their own business or getting their dream company. Many a times we are so busy that we fail to explore our positives and strengths.

Startups, Women Empowerment, Mentorship and sustainable businesses would be the initiatives that I wish to support. Currently I am also working on 2 business ideas collaborations from London and Sweden focusing on Sustainable Future and Social Entrepreneurship.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

“Getting the right space, team, imports, law and taxation, FDI etc were really big challenges for me. Setting up a manufacturing company is not easy with the number of licenses and registrations required. In the manufacturing sector, we had about 14 licenses and registrations to be in place to set up SAV. Ssetting up was one of the biggest challenge. There are challenges at every point in your business right from sales, marketing and even retention of your employees.

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

Wow, honestly there has never been any greatest achievement for me personally. I believe every day we are growing and trying to become better professionally and personally. When you are continuously challenging yourself and continuously striving towards a higher goal , the greater and greatest is all yet to come. It’s a journey that’s important and I have been enjoying it creating brilliant experiences and learnings.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

Having been flooded with business ideas in various segments especially the manufacturing sector, I think I would have always started something of my own and led my life in it. Being an entrepreneur, I have loved creating something and having your own organization, not only has given me a satisfaction but a feeling of keep on achieving, focussing and growing for a better future.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My family has been my strength and inspiration throughout my journey and helped me to live my dream. It was only through their constant support and encouragement that I have been able to go up this amazing journey.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw , MD of Biocon and Mrs Anu Aga , the ladies in the manufacturing segment have always inspired me in so many ways. Mrs Shaw LifeStory resonates perfectly to mine, when at the age of 25 I wasn’t sure what to start off with, there were this opportunity that came to me and that’s when I decided to start SAV Chemicals a collaboration with Cartell Chemicals from Taiwan to manufacture Adhesives. Anu Aga’s aura and humility is something that I have always looked up to her

Every journey of mine makes me realize that we are just a drop in the ocean and is truly a humbling experience.

Elon Musk Inspiring to make a difference to Planet earth and humanity, my long term vision also focuses production and consumption of sustainable energy reducing global warming.

What does the future hold for you?

Learn from your past, Live in the present and believe in the Future.

There is always so much to do and so many goals to achieve. They begin from expanding SAV more globally and in the industrial market. At Shroff Group, I have been working along with my sister to bring all the business under one banner right from Real Estate and Development , Infrastructure Projects ( Shroff –Amit Infrastructure), Green Building Consulting and Design , Interiors and Architecture ( Sprout) , Consulting Services , manufacturing setup and our Foundation ( P k Shroff Trust) . There are always so many opportunities and I am looking for collaborations In Sustainable Energy Start-ups and Social Entrepreneurship.

Been an Adventure and mountain lover, I wish to climb one of the Seven Summits soon. Along with work, I wish to continue my talents of playing the piano and get back to painting.




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