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Shoot That Poison Arrow | Dimple Luniya

Continuing to further demystify classical feng shui which  deals with the flow of energies and how to convert negative energy to positive energy, I want to talk about how classical feng shui takes into consideration the details of external as well as the internal environment of a place.

I would like to share some negative features present in the exterior of a sample property.

These can be flyovers which are too close to a property, electric pylons, a huge branch of a big tree in front of your main door or blocking the windows, a T-junction where the energy rushes passed quickly and attacks your property, sharp designs, corners or edges of other buildings pointing your property.

All the above negative features are known as ‘Poison Arrows’. They are objects that cause negative chi (energy) to rush towards you. Anything that’s pointing sharply at your window from 300 metres or less, from any direction, is directing negative chi towards you and your family and needs to have a corresponding feng shui cure in place.

Chi is supposed to move in a gentle and meandering manner bringing with it positive energy. But chi rushes and comes directly at you, then it is said to be harmful and brings with it all kinds of problems.


house t-junction

If your house or building faces a T-junction, the occupants could be affected by financial catastrophes, family issues and poor health. You ses, at a T-junction, chi rushes towards a house or building from oncoming cars. It is sharp, aggressive and strong and therefore they face the bad luck or bad chi brought by this kind of chi.



I believe that houses and buildings located at a Y junction, are unfortunately even worse in terms of negative negative energy than those situated at a T-Junction. As a feng shui practitioner, I have observed that houses at Y-Junctions slowly become vacant, with the residents shifting out or passing away. The occupants may also suffer from illnesses, loss of business opportunities and family disintegration.

Dead End:


Houses or building’s located at dead ends face powerful, malicious chi because of the vehicles that rush towards them, bringing misfortune. In Feng Shui roads with dead ends are said to stop progress and growth.

I will be talking much more about harmful external poison arrows and how they impact you in my future blogs, so keep reading on…..(to be continued).

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