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Shilpa Rani

Shilpa Rani

My name is Shilpa and I am from Ambala, India. I passed my Engineering in 2011 from Kurukshetra University and currently working as a Senior Testing Engineer in Aon in Gurgaon. Throughout my professional career, I have dealt mammoth tasks which have been instrumental in molding me into what I am.

Along with the professional demands, where I had to manage long working days, I also had to strike a balance with my personal life. I even forego many visits home and worked weeks at a stretch without a holiday.

There were times when health was not by side and it was a painful period of time, but I not only survived that, I actually came out of it as a better, more stronger and more zestier person. Even during the difficult times, where I had to balance marriage, shifting locations to and fro, health, ever demanding work, I dealt them with a smile on my face. I am hoping to inspire many other females who tend to get lost dealing with these things in life to become more independent, strong and confident to face any adversities and challenges in life.

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