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Safety First This Festive Period

iphone-410311_640NASSCOM recommended mobile safety applications By Caroline Graham

Personal safety concerns many of us, especially women. Along with self-defence techniques, modern technology, when used appropriately, has proven to be a major contributor in creating a safer environment for all. Various mobile apps and gadgets are some of the tools that can be included in our daily lives to combat unforeseen and threatening circumstances.

Technology offerings ‪

The global trade body NASSCOM recommends a list of mobile phone applications designed for enhancing personal safety. These can be downloaded from most of the popular application stores (such as Google Play and iTunes). We encourage our colleagues to make the best use of these.

  • Accupa Innovative Solutions’ iFollow makes use of Google Play to configure emergency numbers. You can contact three people at once by just shaking your mobile device (with iFollow running in the background) three times within a span of five seconds.
  • Hughes Systique India’s GoSuraksheit is enabled with four unique e-weapons to help broadcast your message instantly to various platforms.
  • Ideophone’s One Touch SOS is a powerful and reliable application that sends messages along with your location to a pre-identified contact. The app also works when you are indoors.
  • KritiLabs’ free mobile app, SafeTrac, is a tracking device that ensures text message and email alerts are sent immediately to the emergency contacts in case of any danger.
  • MindHelix Technosol’s Sentinel is a GPS-based mobile security application that helps individuals prevent and report crime discreetly.
  • PanicGuard has developed a worldwide mobile-enabled service that performs on all mobile platforms. As soon as the alert is activated, your current location and the route from the time of activation of PanicGuard is sent to your emergency contacts via text message, email, Facebook and Twitter updates. The app also automatically starts recording video secretly.
  • Rain Concert Technologies’ In An Emergency (inE) app has a unique response model of alert-validate-act.  From the distress message, the recipient can identify the information such as the location of the user. If the sender’s mobile is GPS enabled, then it is also possible to track the movement of the sender.
  • SmartCloud Infotech’s Nirbhaya is a highly effective mobile app that has great location accuracy.
  • Tech Mahindra’s FightBack, a smartphone app, that uses mobile capability and social media integration to ensure safety.
  • SafeBridge by Telerik India is a personal safety mobile application that works even without mobile internet and helps report crimes.

For more information about the applications, please visit NASSCOM’s website: http://www.nasscom.in/appfame-awards.

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