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Reyna Rupani

Reyna Rupani

The Vedanta philosophy taught me Life is to Give, not to Take. It taught me to Live and not merely Exist. When one stops thinking about oneself, it automatically percolates to what needs to be done. With so many kids dropping out at college level because of the lack of alternate medium (language) colleges, gave birth to The School of Life. They would study in Hindi/Urdu/Telegu/Marathi medium schools and then land up in English colleges! So one fine day, we called the children from the neighborhood and we simply began! Today its been five years, fifty students plus, we all have grown immensely in every possible way.

SHARAN came about when I experienced immense difference in my health after changing my diet. I had severe acidity and it simply disappeared. I lost 17 kilos in 8 months! My parents ten years of Diabetes & Hypertension medicines were stopped. I decided to probe further and went into research mode where I discovered how what we eat affects animals and the planet. This needed to be spread and I joined Dr Nandita Shah on her mission, four years ago.

I have been blessed since the day I was born, with all comforts possible. However I always felt something was amiss. It’s only since I got associated with both The School of Life and SHARAN, do I feel I am living my life’s purpose.

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