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Keep Calm and Repeat: How to prepare for Speaking in Public by Sanyukta Thakare

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There are many ways and practices that people will suggest you try when it comes to nervous jitters before a presentation or a meeting. Close up of a microphone

 I suffered from nervousness since I was in school, even answering in class and raising my hand to ask a question gave me the nerve-racking symptoms. At first, my heart starts beating faster and I would feel squeamish in my stomach. It bundles up to weakness in the knees and all of that would bring a heavy weight over my shoulders.

 The feeling in the moment is so close to hyperventilation or a heart attack that it adds more stress. Usually, it is at this stage when your body decides to give up and calm down on your behalf and you faint. Whereas for me, giving up and fainting never came easy. It is the quickest way out of that misery but I had to live through the quivering moment until it passed every single time.

 Feeling anxiety to ask a question in class or answer one around the people I know, and who are my friends, started to feel silly. To avoid the situation I would leave myself out of public interaction in class. As I started my degree at college, it became unavoidable and I realized I missed out on a lot, surrendering to my fear.

 It’s very common to feel the pressure and stress when you know you have eyes on you, when you are not comfortable. Surprisingly, the solution is not suppressing it or winning it over, it just about understanding your fear and accepting it.

The best five ways to lose the weight on your shoulder before your big moment

Know your content

 It’s very important to know what you are talking about and what is it that people want to hear. Fear of failure keeps you nervous; if you are sure of your content then there is nothing to be afraid of. They believe you are the expert, don’t make them feel otherwise, people will listen to you because you are the one with the microphone.

Be confident

 This comes from both within and external factors. Practicing after knowing content is crucial. Learning the first few lines will take some the pressure off, as you are already dealing with all the other symptoms.

Confidence also comes from your appearance; you want to wear something that makes you feel good and is comfortable. You do not want be wearing inappropriate clothes, but you also don’t have to wear a pantsuit if you don’t like it.


 Visualization is proven to be effective in increasing performance when practicing visualizing your success, and audience giving a positive feedback brings the energy and motivation to do better in reality. It also gives you the enthusiasm to do your job.


 Taking simple measures to provide oxygen to your brain helps calm your nerves. Deep breaths before and during timely pauses of the speech will give you fresh feeling and it will show to your audience. Also, sincere smiles bring a sense of belonging for you as well as your audience. They feel you enjoy addressing them interacting with them.


Having a dry mouth and the quivering voice makes you sensitive even if it has passed and you are comfortable. It also makes your audience feel tense and nervous. Hydrate before and keep a bottle of water at arm’s length. It can also be effectively used when you wish to take a pause or emphasize a point. Just be sure to take small sips and time them properly.


I still feel a little anxiety, and warm (more like hot) before speaking publicly, but that’s the point it does not necessarily have to be a bad thing. Your audience will see you and not what you are feeling. You can use the energy to engage with your audience and focus son the task at hand. It’s important for you to remember not to read too much into the situation, people have come to gather information and it’s about your job. Convey your desired information in the intended manner and your work is a success.

 To be confident is not a moment to live, it’s a lifestyle to endure.


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