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Pravasi Woman | Shwetha Bhumana

Tell us about yourself and what you do currently10363699_10152538825948113_121688822785889335_n

I am a Resource Manager with Deloitte Consulting. I have been with Deloitte for 10 years now. I have had different roles within Talent and am a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources. I am a Computer Science Engineer from MIT, Manipal and I also have an MBA-HR (Corporate) from Symbiosis I (SPHR). I live with my family and have a five year old kid.

Where are you living currently and why did you choose that location?

We live in Alpharetta near Atlanta. We were visiting friends here and fell in love with the place. It has a good proximity to the city and great school districts. There are lots of facilities for kids like parks, soccer fields, wwim classes etc. Also, Atlanta is the hub for Delta airlines. My husband travels quite a bit due to work, so this was the perfect choice.

Why did you move away from India?

We thought it offered a better quality of life and better opportunities. It was the best decision of my life. I moved here with a six month old infant and there was no looking back. My son is five now and he has a well-rounded personality with exposure to different cultures at such a young age.

What do you miss most about living abroad?

Mom’s food, maids and drivers!
What do you like most about your current location? We live close to a nature trail, so it’s always peaceful and picturesque. It’s also close to schools and groceries. I love driving here as it’s very therapeutic.

Did you face any particular challenges moving away from India?

Moving with a six month old wasn’t easy. But I guess I managed to sail through. My husband was very supportive. It was an interesting phase and there was a lot of learning but we enjoyed every bit of it.

Who in particular helped you during your transition?

Deloitte was my rock! I had the privilege of working from home or leaving at 4pm to pick up my son from day care. My bosses and colleagues took time to explain the culture, people, places, holidays and even baby food! My mentor would meet me every Wednesday (working lunch) and talk about everything that would help me adjust better. I felt like I belonged here from day one.
We were lucky we had a good sized apartment and a company leased car to begin with. We have been lucky enough to live in the best parts of the country in the past five years (Orange County, LA, Seattle, Florida) and then we decided to call Atlanta our home. Our first apartment was 500 feet away from the third biggest mall in the country (South Coast Mall). So, I guess Deloitte really spoiled us!

Do you live in an Indian community?

Our community is fairly new and most of the houses are still under construction. It is a good Asian-Indian community. We have a great neighbourhood. We carpool to swim lessons, school etc. We arrange play dates for kids. We also plan fun activities like movie nights for mom and kids. I can’t say much about Indians still living in India. A lot has changed in India too in the past five years. Its evolving and growing exponentially.

Do you think you’ll go back to India one day?

No, I plan to retire in Florida!

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