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Pravasi Woman | Nidhi Garg Allen | Founder of Red Ghagra and mindandtummy.com


Nidhi3I live in New York City with my husband. I’m an engineer by qualification and worked with MNCs in telecom and IT for one year each. I was always fond of fitness, movies and books but never got a lot of time to do much of them. One fine day my passion took precedence over my career and I decided to leave my corporate job and indulged myself in doing what I love. I read the best books on nutrition and exercise physiology and watched a lot of related movies. And I soon started writing a fitness blog and then a food blog. These blogs soon became revenue generating entities after they were approved by Google Ad Sense.

In an effort to take my fitness passion to the next level, I did fitness certifications from Reebok, Pilates institute of America and Antigravity fitness. I’m very fond of dance, yoga, running and cooking. I learn kathak and yoga in New York. I have been running marathons and ultra-marathons for the last 2 years. The next one that I plan to participate in is the Jersey marathon in April 2015.

Together in this city, my partner and I realised our love of the outdoors. We spend most of our weekends traveling on roads, carrying our own food tuck from home every time. We go trekking, camping, biking or sailing – its a long list!

This brings me to another love – food. Both of us love cooking. My partner wants to eat tasty food and I want to eat healthy food! So we cook most of the time at home. And that’s how my Gourmet blog was born. This platform enables me to share with readers the easiest recipes made in a healthy and tasty way!

Nidhi2Recently, I started exploring different arts and crafts in textiles as well as jewellery. I now meet with craftsmen and artists in different states of India. They are so amazing and unique. I am so inspired by their work.

As a result, recently I launched Red Ghagra. It is a brand based on the fashion of crafts which come from different world cultures. I started this project by using rich Indian crafts and fabrics and used them to make designer dresses, bags and jewellery for modern women. I have had two fashion shows and a few exhibitions in NYC so far. America is very appreciative of arts and crafts. My recent fashion show at New York Fashion Week, based on a vintage theme, received a lot of appreciation from the NY fashion diaspora. Me and my team are very motivated to create more amazing designs and give a new identification to arts and crafts in the world of fashion. We also to create craft-based fashion for little girls and teens. I have many dreams for Red Ghagra.

Where are you living currently and why did you choose that location?

A mentioned above I now live in New York. The city is amazing for people who want to keep learning new things, like me!

Why did you move away from India?

I got married and joined my husband who was settling in New York.

What do you miss most about living abroad?

I fondly miss my family in India and all the family gatherings during festivals and rituals.

What do you like most about your current location?

The best part about New York is the mix of people from different cultures. I also enjoy the safety, the cleanliness and the respect for all kinds of work. People are less judgemental and let you be yourself. The energy in people and quality of education here is amazing!

Did you face any particular challenges moving away from India?

I lost my mom to cancer just before I moved here so the move was quite challenging emotionally.

Who in particular helped you during your transition?

My husband and both my families were a great support.

Do you live in an Indian community? If so, what are the main differences between Indians abroad and Indians still living in India (if any!)

No. I’m surrounded by people from different communities.

Do you think you’ll go back to India one day?

While I know I will continue visiting my family regularly, I don’t plan to relocate to India any sooner.


This article was provided by WeAreTheCity Hyderabad Committee Member, Anju Arora.

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