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Pravasi Woman – Farah Siddiqui Matin | Self-motivated Poetess

Tell us about yourself, your background and what you do currently?

Pravasi Woman - Farah Siddiqui Matin | Self-motivated Poetess 3I am cheerful, realistic and always see the brighter side of the wall. I was born and raised in the holy city of Allahabad and currently residing in Ireland with my husband. I earned my PhD in English and Modern European languages from the University of Allahabad, India.

I started composing poems at the start of 2014 and published my first book, “The Bliss of Solitude”, a collection of 50 poems, in May 2014. My second book, “Like I Born in Venus”, was inaugurated in 2015. Besides this, I have 15 anthologies and numerous poems in international and national magazines.

I received “The Best Debut Poetess Award” in 2015 from the Sanmati Publishers, Delhi. My poems were also recognised and published in famous international magazines like “Life and Legends” (USA), and “Levure Litteraire” (France) in 2015. In 2016, I was nominated among 100 women in an honour ceremony in India. My poems were acknowledged by many national level televisions and newspapers in India.

Why are you drawn to poetry? Why did you decide to pursue a PhD in poetry?

After completing my post-graduate degree in English, I was drawn towards poetry. Later, I enrolled in a PhD and from there onwards my journey as a writer started. I completely devoted myself in composing poetries and research articles. I feel delighted in composing poetry that provides me with an intense pleasing combination of felicity and harmony. Pursuing my PhD in poetry added an advantage in my writing skills and others started considering my work more intensely.

What are the themes of your writing that influenced you?

Pravasi Woman - Farah Siddiqui Matin | Self-motivated Poetess 6I write on female empowerment especially for deprived women from countryside, as they are more crushed than to any educated and working ladies. While living in Ireland I came across the social issues that women are really facing in India compared to developed countries. There is no equality; even they don’t have audacity to take decisions against their family or as their will. They are unaware of fundamental rights given to them by Indian constitution. My poetry is not just a words or a line but it’s a profound feelings that is straight from my heart.

I prefer writing in free-verse style, exploring the inner and outer realms of human existence. Some of my poems are philosophical and present a dialogue with the supreme power on current state of the world and raising questions.

My poem, “Infant’s Prayer”, poses a question from a girl child and brings contemplative moments. “A Sweet Little Maiden” is a poignant poem and tells a journey of a little girl in poetic form. I have also cited “Mother is The Other Name of God”, in one of the poem. The poem “Oh Father” is a prayer to the Almighty. My poems also dwell on the dynamics of love, emotions and relationships. “Essence of Love” is a crisp poem bringing a whiff of fresh air in heart. Some of my poems also reflect on power of friendship and true relation.

Where are you living currently and why did you choose that location?

I am currently living in Dublin, Ireland. My husband is working as Satellite Scientist in the Irish Government. Ireland is world famous for its contribution in the field of literature and the birthplace of legends like WB Yeats and James Joyce and dignitaries like Seamus Heaney and George Bernard.

Honestly, I did not choose to live in Dublin by purpose but feel honoured to be a residence of the same land where icons from my profession once lived.

What do you miss most about living abroad?

The family structure and Indian culture.

What do you like most about your current location?

The people and their responsibly towards society and discipline.

Your achievements and media recognition if any?

I have been published as a solo author in the following:

Pravasi Woman - Farah Siddiqui Matin | Self-motivated Poetess 4• The Bliss of Solitude, (25th May, 2014), ISBN NO. 9789384028053
51 poems mostly on women empowerment and relation
(The Love and familial relationships is beautifully depicted in the book)
Available on all popular e-portal

• Like I Born in Venus (4th January 2015), ISBN NO. 8192947475
(Book is about the current social issues prevailing in our society)
Available on all popular e-portal

• Women Empowerment: In-press (Aug-Sept 2016)
Anthologies- Book publication


• Aagman Literary Magazine published
• Purple Hues Part 2 Anthology


• Purple Hues Anthology published
• I am a Women Anthology published
• Heavenly Hymns Anthology published


• When Cupid Struck its Arrow Anthology published
• Aagman Literary Magazine published
• Three poems: (i) Love, Love and Love, (ii) The Modern Utopia” and (iii) My Other God in (Life and Legends- winter 2014-2015, USA)
• Two poems: (i) Infant’s Prayer and (ii) Oh’ Women (Levure Litteraire, France)
• One Poem : (i) My Soul Twirls in (Difftruths International Magazine, Ohio Columbia)
• Four Poems : (i) The Promise To Live Happily (ii) Bliss Of Solitude (iii) Innate Grace (iv) Life.
• Five poems (i) Like I Born In Venus (ii) A Letter To My Love (iii) The Real Joy (iv) Be Proud Of Yourselves (v) A Girl To The Humanity (Episteme – 15th June, India)
• Two Poems (i) I Am Ready To Embrace You (ii) Near To Almighty (Destiny Poet – United Kingdom)
• One Poem (i) You Arrived As An Euphoria (Writer’s Ezine, India)
• One Poem (i) Oh’ Father (Galaxy International, India)
• One Poem (i) Unfaithful Love (Contemporary Vibes – India)
• Book review by Seema Sharma of my book “The Bliss Of Solitude” in (Aagman, the Arrival – India)
• One Poem (i) The Unsurpassable Time ( Indian Ruminations – India)
• One Poem (i) I Am Speechless (Indian Ruminations _ India)
• Interview – http://www.writersezine.com/2014/09/author-interview-ii.html
• Book Review of my book “The Bliss Of Solitude” in Writers Ezine Magazine, Sept @, 2014. http://www.writersezine.com/2014/09/book-review-ii.html
• One Poem (i) Infants Prayer (Aagman, the Arrival – India) Published a poem
• One Poem (i) Making Me Optimistic in My Days Dreary (Aagman, the Arrival – India)

Awards and recognition

1. Awarded best poetess debut award in 2014 in India
2. Interviewed In Writer’s Ezine Magazine 2015
3. Honored in 100 women ceremony in India 2016
4. Nominated as an incredible women writer of India in 2016
5. Interviewed as an incredible woman writer in India 2016
6. Letter of Appreciation from the University Of Allahabad, India by Head of the Department 2016

Media recognition

  • Amar Ujala (Leading Hindi Newspaper 2016)
  • Hindustan (Leading Hindi Newspaper 2016)
  • Hindustan Times (Leading English Newspaper 2016)
  • Daily News (Hindi Newspaper 2014)
  • Amar Ujala (Leading Hindi Newspaper 2014)
  • Interview with E -TV (national channel) available on Youtube


  • Interview with Writers Ezine Magazine 2014
  • Interview with 100 Successful Women Ceremony in Jaipur, India
  • Interview in “Incredible Women Of India” 2016
  • Interview in “Purple Hues 2” Anthology
  • Interview with Authors and Writers 2016.

Any Special achievements?

I think I am yet to receive THE special achievement of my life.

Who in particular helped you during your writing process?

Pravasi Woman - Farah Siddiqui Matin | Self-motivated Poetess 2

My family supported me when I started writing. My parents felt very happy when they saw my poems published in magazines and books. Currently, my husband is supporting me a lot and always motivates me to become a better writer. He is also the first critic of my poems and gives his feedback with all honesty.

Do you live in an Indian community? If so, what are the main differences between Indians abroad and Indians still living in India (if any!)

I would love to live within an Indian community, but unfortunately with only a few thousands Indians living here in Ireland, I don’t see any community here.
Yes, we occasionally meet but that does not reflect the difference. I can see a difference – Indians living abroad are more disciplined and responsible citizens.

Do you think you’ll go back to India one day?

Yes, I deeply feel that we will go back to our motherland one day.

Contacting Farah Siddiqui Matin

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