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Payal Tyagi Indie Eco Candles | Female Entrepreneur spotlight

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After an MBA and working for several years in financial services, I found myself full of many ideas and yearning to enjoy the liberation, incredible challenges and thrill of watching my ideas come to life. I could no longer ignore the pull and I owed it to myself, I thought, to free myself of the burden of convincing someone else to get approvals. I had always believed that the only limit was your imagination – nothing else mattered. At the same time, sharing and giving back was one of the main elements of my Sikh upbringing. So, it wasn’t so much a decision, as it was a realisation that becoming an entrepreneur was my calling.

Payal TyagiI chose to follow a very old hobby of making candles and put in a lot of thought and research before we became Indie Eco Candles. While we infuse the finest fragrances and essential oils to make our luxury candles a world-class product, I believe that the success of Indie Eco Candles is rooted in a local victory as well. Over the past few years, I have trained and employed women from underprivileged backgrounds. I started with a team of two women at Indie Eco Candles and now my team has grown.

Thus the therapeutic qualities we emphasize with our product by avoiding toxic paraffin and using natural vegetable wax has had a spillover effect on my business as well. It is very important for me to provide my staff with safe and respectable working hours, decent pay and essential mentoring for their children. I am very involved in the lives of my ladies and I can see the positive changes an empowered, working woman can bring about in her family’s life.

Thus, not only have I created a product of much beauty and aesthetic, but the production process of these candles itself, which emphasizes world-class quality control and betterment of my staff, has given my brand and my life a deeper, more reassuring context for what life can be, and how a few simple gestures can light many a life on this planet.

The entire range of Indie Eco Candles can be seen at www.facebook.com/indieecocandles and purchases can me make by mailing [email protected]