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Of old friends and cozy blankies | Apurva Purohit

Apurva Purohit - cozy blankies

I had occasion to go for a dear friend’s son’s wedding recently.

Yes! The decade of attending children’s weddings has well and truly begun!

Apurva Purohit - cozy blankies

Woman in a blanket – Via Shutterstock

As we spent the three days in fun and frolic (in a sedate manner let me hasten to add, given the decade I am referring to) it was almost as if I saw the last 25 years of my corporate life go past in a series of bioscopic pictures. Click: That’s my first chief and manager, looking far more diminutive than the larger than life person in my memory. Click: And there’s the obnoxious client turned good friend circa 1992. Click: OMG is that middle aged gentleman an erstwhile boyfriend? I can’t be that old! Click: Oh look – Descending to envelop me in a warm, perfumed hug is my husband’s ex boss’s wife who had decided long ago that she was my boss by association as well.

In those three days, I met up with so many people who had been part of some pattern in the tapestry of the last many years that it was quite overwhelming. Some people had remained close friends and some had condensed to passing acquaintanceship after an intense bout of interaction in a joint task. Then there were some I had lost touch with, though seeing them tickled a half-forgotten memory surprising me with the intensity of its recall.

The moments reminded me of the warm reassuring feeling you get when you have that childhood blanket wrapped around you or your favorite old pillow all squished into your unique shape next to you. All of us a bit run down and slightly worn now, but supremely comfortable with each another. No one felt the need to posture or hide that wrinkle or wipe the smudge. Because after all what can you hide from buddies who were part of those long bygone days when we still hadn’t yet learnt to hide the psychological freight of insecurity behind a façade, who had seen our zits at close quarters and watched us make our clumsy way through a new experience every day.

It was exhilarating, surprisingly emotive and equally comforting all at the same time! So here’s to old friends and older blankies! May they continue adding to the coziness all of us need sometimes in our lives.

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