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Oh Womaniya! | Archanna Balaji

Since my growing years I have heard about men keeping down women and society not allowing equal opportunity to the women. It’s common to hear about male bonding but woman bonding? In all my corporate experience I have yet to hear about or experience woman bonding with longevity. Ever wondered why?

diverse womenAre woman enemies of women? Probably yes! For generations we have heard of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law tussles or, for that matter, sister-in-laws not getting along. The same extends at the work place too. We speak about male domination at work and women not being given equal chances. This may be true but why don’t we speak about a woman trying to put down another woman?

“I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves”. These words of Mary Shelley sum up what I want to say…

With a growing number of women in leadership and key roles, one would think we would spend more time supporting each other rather than take each other apart. Instead of trying to be a strength and support to each other we have an under current of unkindness and negativity emanating from our lives. There is a general air of animosity of women resenting other woman in power or those in control. A simple act of complimenting, we women find it difficult to compliment each other openly, even if we do appreciate the other. The ego and inhibitions play a dominant role. One would not need men to suppress women, we are ourselves capable of undermining the progress.

In this so called man’s world why are we women not joining hands and helping one another?

“I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves”. These words of Mary Shelley sum up what I want to say…

I feel, we women come with too much baggage; that of proving oneself at work place and at home. In a bid to do so I think somewhere we forget to draw a line and enjoy ourselves and let go of the mental restraints. It also probably come from insecurities and feeling that we need to compete with each other to succeed where opportunities provided are few. We shy away from taking risk and confronting conflict unlike our male counterparts. Furthermore, relationships are the crux for women and friendships are expected to be on the same level. The moment any event happens to De-settle it, such as promotion or better prospects being provided to another, it raises the feeling of insecurity amongst the fraternity. In most cases the comparison of professional abilities amongst women can lead to discomfort.

MeThe whole concept of comparison can lead to a more healthy environment provided women stop comparing women to women alone and make it a more level playing field and one and a stepping stone to fulfill our own ambitions. We no longer need to be inhibited to accept new challenges or deride the success of other women or simply feel apprehensive about success in general.

We need to work together to bring about a change in the attitude and handling altogether. Gossip can be relegated to lighter times. Its time women listen to each other, talk and understand each other. And that’s what I would call women power!

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