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#thr4sam - note to self blogger#thr4sam - note to self blogger

Sometimes it’s us entrusted with a story with a life to change,build and grow into the numerous possibilities of more.

It is just as when a bird or a dolphin comes into someone’s life to show them the value of life. Almost every time anyone has ever seen a movie people believe that there is something more to the life, but forget as soon as they leave the premises. I am here as an inner voice to remind you of what you learned as a child and took it for granted as an adult.

We believe that its us who have the right to make our decisions and live by them and its us that decide the fate of others around us. Co-existing was never easy for humans, the species has an over powering need of being in control and ruling over others. Which is why we are the supposedly intelligent species deciding the fate of other species by endangering them, and creating things that have no means and reason to exist.  

Living today is about surviving glamorously, but it is still surviving. We are not living our times as it was indented to be. It does not mean we become hardcore nudist or Satan lovers, people who choose to abide by a way of life can most certainly live by it, that’s the beauty of restricted freedom. We can dowhatever we want as long as it is not an inconvenience to others.  If we were to use the same mantra of restricted freedom in our everyday lives positively, I would have to say 40% of all problems are solved. As much as everyone puts an effort to not say the wrong thing over a mic in front of 1000’s of people only if 50% of that were to be used every day when talking to your brother sister, your parents and your kinds the home environment would turn in a much healthier and happier and a clam place.

The restricted freedom will bring a level of clarity when expressing ourselves to your fellow mate or family members. I’d say given a chance to be heard is more than what one can be thankful for.

About the Author | Sanyukta Thakare

I’m an aesthetic person who believes in spreading good to receive good in return. I am a nature lover and simply enjoy writing, all works of art and learning new skills. I have a Masters degree in Management and Marketing. I started and manage a Pop-culture News Blog Website and I am working towards publishing my first Novel. I am on a journey of developing the conscious mind to achieve beyond the bounds that we feel today. 

I would love to help as many companions along the way as possible. I think it’s very difficult for people to hear their inner voice because of all the clutter outside. It’s the way that humanity has been led into this rich world, which overpowers the simple but important downfalls. The beauty within and around us nurtures the best in life. A happily ever after starts with joy at heart. My blogs are a way of spreading the insights that have helped me deal with life and bring me contentment.

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