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Inspirational Women: Nikita Arya | Director of The Fairytale’ss



You Only Live Once, but if you Live Right, Once is Enough


Tell us something about yourself and what has been your journey so far?

Nikita Arya is emerging as a formidable name in the lifestyle circuit courtesy “The Fairytale’ss” which is the talk of the town. Blessed with an innate entrepreneurial streak, I have always had a good eye for opportunities. I am a natural people’s person, love interacting, and connect easily with people. Passionate & a confident speaker with burning drive for results, has also led to my contributions to social causes.

My family and friends remember me as such and will testify being a good sport, creative, innovative and always ready to take up challenges and do something new.  Off late I have  had an immersive experience in social work with Air Force War Widows, Old Age homes, Rotary Club, Kargil War Relief, Lakshyam and the Karam Prakash Khattar Charitable Trust (which aids those suffering from pulmonary ailments) run by her family.

A degree in Law from London; followed by an international MBA and living in the West (London) for a decade totally changed my perspective. The exposure to people from different nationalities helped me grow and broadened my vision.  I have won students’ union elections and was appointed as Vice President Academic Officer in which I excelled. My work profile includes working with top notch Immigration firms in UK.

In October 2012 I started my first full-fledged entrepreneurial venture in the form of Tiki Bar- which was the first Hawaiian themed restro-bar in Delhi Bora Bora Tiki Bar. This joint has authenticity and quality as its hallmarks.

I am passionate about dancing and have left no stone unturned to master Belly Dancing. A popular name in Delhi who has done various philanthropic work, loves travelling and adventure, a fashionista, walked ramp for charity, has been on the Cover Page of various magazines like THE WEEK, Beauty & The Best, Wedding Mantra.

I have been managing time between my work & family; and have well succeeded in all. My journey is more or less the journey of every woman who is willing to take the bull by the horns and has the courage and strength to take the chance to realise her dreams.

How did the idea off fashion exhibitions come your way?

My passion to do more and inclination towards people and culture prompted me to start a concept based event management company- The Fairytale’ss. The company specialises in Fashion, Jewels & Lifestyle Exhibitions, Weddings and Corporate/ Club events.

Over the last two years we have organised successful exhibitions at prestigious venues in Delhi and Dubai showcasing more than 500 designers including all the big names from the Indian fashion industry.

What makes your exhibition different from others?

One can see my creativity flow through these Theme Based Exhibitions where we use various elements to make things fun. The décor, entertainment, contests and a lot of fun help engage customers and also provides them opportunities to get a lot of value.

 Our company is like this fairy godmother who gets the best in the business to take care of all your needs. My company provides content rich insights, trend inspiration, opportunity to network & shopping experience.

Your concept of a Woman Entrepreneur & how can one be successful in that?

A true entrepreneur is one who has combination of factors like passion & conviction. For being a successful entrepreneur requires a vision, support from family (morally), experience, dreams and passion along with the expertise of adept minds in the business.

What are the often-faced challenges and how do you overcome them?

Being a startup and nearly three-year-old company; the biggest challenge so far has been reaching out to people. However, having clear vision & constantly brainstorming to bring the best has now let us see a lot of our early ideas come to fruition.

Staying focused is the mantra for success.

What are your plans for the future?

After conquering Delhi and Dubai, we are all set to win over the people of Lucknow, Chandigarh and London with our Exhibits very soon. My entrepreneurial journey has seen various feathers in my hat. I have recently launched our company’s own fashion calendar and hosted the most prestigious Woman Appreciation Awards to identify, recognize and honour a woman contributing to society.

I want to bring recognition to the Indian woman entrepreneurs globally. My motto is to bring critical acclamation for Indian woman from all over the world.

 A message for readers?

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes determination and hard work”.

Upcoming Exhibitions 2017:-

23rd & 24th Sept – Vivanta by Taj, LUCKNOW

10th October – Hotel Crowne Plaza, Rohini, DELHI

15th November – The Leela, Ambience Convention Hotel, East Delhi




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