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In the News: Yatramitr: The safety app for women is becoming more popular

yatramitr app for female safetyAccording to it’s developers, , the Android app, is being downloaded by more and more women everyday. The app is based on Dynamic GPS and GPRS.

All that has to be done is that the user has to first register in the app with her mobile number and desired password.

Whenever she gets into a vehicle late at night parents can go to Yatramitr website and login using the mobile number and password. From that point the route the user is travelling can be traced. In the facility the user has the provision to enter the number of the vehicle that the person is travelling in the app and that number can be viewed in the website.

Users have to enter the names of three friends, family members or security groups each, and alert them in an emergency situation through a ‘Panic/Danger’ button. The contacts will be alerted through pre-set messages.


Along with women safety the app also prevents the user from being fleeced by autorickshaw drivers. It has a Dynamic GPS and GPRS-based auto-fare calculator.

The app shows where the user is being driven to, checks the distance traveled and reveals the fare.  Even if the auto-rickshaw meter is faulty, you can calculate the fare through the meter provided in the app.

The app also displays alternative routes. All you have to give is the source and destination, which will show the distance and the fare for the entered route. The app also gives information on the nearest police station, hospitals, bus stands, restaurants, railway station etc.

The application will also offer the user information on night-time fare. You can download this app from Google playstore by searching as ‘yatramitr’ or you can use the following link to download the app now

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