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My Crowning Glory | Monisha Doley

Monisha Dooley & other award winners

I grew up with a secret desire to be a beauty queen, but when I didn’t grow taller than 5’3″, it felt like an impossible dream. I had almost forgotten about this desire and had accepted the fact, when one day I saw the ad for MISS ETHNIC. My joy had no boundaries to find out that this unique contest, and the first time ever, there’s no bar of height, weight, age or marital status. The awards celebrate all types of women. They want to recognise talent and  the ethnicity of an Indian women. It took me little time to second guess from applying.

By the time registration ended, the total number of entries reached about 50k women living in India and abroad. All unique in their own way. But to be honest, though on the outside it looked scary, I tried to believe in life and in myself. The contest progressed and so did I. And the day arrived when I got a call informing me that I had been selected as a finalist.

It was a fun experience, not only because I won, but because of the wonderful women I met from across the country. All were the chosen ones. I also won the MISS ETHNIC TALENT sub contest.

The day of the finale arrived and I was walking the ramp for the first time ever in my life. I tried not to focus on how talented, superior or wonderful the other women were, but only kept my focus on my own talents and strengths. I believe, there is no point in thinking what sets you apart from others, because everyone is unique in their own way. I have no idea about them, all I know and can work on is myself.

On the day of the finale, I made a conscious effort to focus only on success, victory and worthiness. My heart was filled with gratitude and confidence. And my attitude worked miracles and I became a beauty queen at 5’3″, got crowned by my favourite superstar Kareena Kapoor Khan and earned 21000 GBP in just one night!

How I feel after winning the title 

I believe I won the crown on behalf of all women, of any nationality, age, shape or size. Women who want to create positive changes in their life. Women who want to be empowered, who want to be a role model and make a difference in the world.

As a life coach and author, I have already been taking conscious efforts to help others adapt to a new way of thinking, to help them believe that they can change their life and circumstances only if they want it and with the power of their own mind.

As the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” My winning the crown made it believable for other women that indeed you can expect miracles in your life.

I would conclude by saying that I won this crown and the title on behalf of all believers, dreamers and visionaries.


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Monisha Dooley & other award winners
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