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Meetashi Makar – Spiritual Guide and Healer

Tashi ThumbnailAn alumnus of NIFT, New Delhi, Meetashi Makar has been a fashionista and stylist for many years. After being a designer for almost 15 years and a consultant, teacher and mentor, she changed tracks and found her soul’s true calling… that of being a spiritual guide and healer.

Eleven years ago, the path of spiritual evolution beckoned Meetashi and today she is in her own words

blessed to be a psychic and a spiritual healer

Meetashi says her Soul Mission is to be able to reach out to as many people as possible and offer them the energy of love, the joy of spirit and most importantly to empower people to know and realize their own potential so that they can be completely healed and happy.

Healing and happiness only happen when people love themselves. The energy of self-love is the most beautiful to possess and the most challenging to achieve. Once you realize the power of self love one begins the realization of Oneness and God and then commences the ‘Journey Within’ – the journey into the soul.

Also a Sufi in spirit, Meetashi writes poetry, reads, loves to travel and enjoys special time with her beloved family and friends.  She believes in living life every moment and is in gratitude to each and every experience that life has brought her way. Currently, designing very unique healing jewelry with crystals, she plans to start her own label ASHTAR TASHI.

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