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Mandarin Ducks and Marriage | Dimple Luniya

dd0d73306daed4edcb9873876fe29f2eSomebody asked me the other day, “Where can I get mandarin ducks?” I asked her why she wanted mandarin ducks. She told me that some so-called feng shui expert had suggested that by placing a pair of mandarin ducks in the south-west of her house her daughter would find a suitable boy and get married.

Now, how are the mandarin ducks going to help anyone to get married? They just depict pairs of loving birds and nothing else. There is a saying which I truly believe in and it has nothing to do with feng shui. It says, “What you see is what you imbibe”. This is not a part of classical feng shui but one of my own personal observations. If you surround yourself with happy pictures, objects, smiling faces, beautiful ambience, they will make you feel #happy! Why choose mandarin ducks? You could keep a picture of a happy couple,  perhaps some couple artefacts or even items which depict a couple, and then remove all single women pictures or knick knacks around the house if you want your daughter to get married.

Sometimes when I carry out a feng shui audit in people’s homes, I often see paintings of fierce, wild animals, or pictures with a woman with a sad look on her face sitting at the door waiting for her spouse, or a number of paintings of single women or event paintings of storms. In such houses, I often find that either the husband spends most of the time outside or has an outside interest – in some cases an extra-marital affair. Ironically, when I check his personal horoscope, it also predicts the same thing as do his house stars. But the fact of the matter is that, we have to be very particular whenever we place a piece of art in our premises.

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