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Makeup Tips for Teens | By Neha Suradkar

indian-eye-makeupFive make up tips for teens

Teenagers often face a lot of insecurities with respect to their body, looks, hair, skin tone, clothes and almost everything else. To cover up a lot of presumed flaws, the easiest thing that they tend to do is to apply makeup. Sometimes the makeup become so overpowering that it hides who you are as a person. Teenagers often try to fit in to the crowd by trying things which may not look as good on them as it looks on their friends or role models. Another commonly observed fact is that teenage girls often want to appear older than they are and try to apply makeup as done by older women. Both of these should be avoided.

You should never lose your identity and self-image with pretext of being someone else, especially when it comes to applying makeup. By taking note of the tips below, teenagers can maintain their identity and still look beautiful without copying someone else.

Well groomed, neat and fresh is best look to achieve!

1. You should stand out – not your makeup! As a teenager, your makeup should be invisible to give you the natural, no makeup look, yet it should be visible just enough so as to lift your best features. Your before and after makeup pictures should not make you look like two different people. You should retain your identity and look like just a little polished version of yourself.

2. Use your fingers. Using brushes for makeup can lead to applying a bit too much product, which is absolutely not required at this stage. Blending a bit of tinted moisturiser on your face, dabbing some blush on cheeks and staining your lips with some colour is all that you need.

3. Spend on your skin care and concealer and save on colours. Having a healthy and fresh skin or the illusion of same, should be your major concern. So invest in quality skin care products and also get yourself a concealer that you can use to hide those last minute zits or dark circles. Save whatever you can while buying your products with glitter and glam – you won’t be using them that often and you will get bored of them a bit too soon.

4. Go creamy and skip powders. When buying your blush and eye shadow, go for cream-based products rather than powder products. The cream products blends well into the skin, look natural and are easier to apply with fingers.

5. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle without the drug or alcohol abuse will make your skin a lot healthier and you will look good even without makeup.

Neha Profile PicAbout Neha Suradkar

Makeup artist, style coach, etiquette trainer and fashion educator, experienced in the fields of fashion design, consulting and research, Neha is founder and Director of Mirror Image & Style Pvt. Ltd. founded in April 2013. The company caters to clients with image and style makeovers and services. Neha has travelled extensively in USA, South East Asia and in India and has a passion for writing and her ultimate dream is to publish books in subjects that are close to her heart.

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