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Maintenance Required | Shubhi Srivastava

Indulge with yourself diagram on maintenance required

Anything and everything in the world has a life span that requires maintenance, be it a living or a non-living thing. With non-living materialistic things, you have a choice to replace or exchange, but with all living things you don’t have that liberty of choice. Hence it becomes all the more important to maintain living things a bit more. Living things can be many, but here my context is you and me.

We, as human beings, have many things to manage together all the time – be it our work, money, family or relationships – everything needs maintenance. But what we forget is our wellness and doesn’t that need maintenance too? If our work needs our time and efforts for us to earn money and maintain a standard of living, it’s the same with wellness too. It also needs our own time, effort and commitment for our own self maintenance so that we can deliver the first two more effectively.

We are often performing and excelling the first two, that we always ends up neglecting our own self and forget to maintain us. This, in turn, results either in ill health or in getting frustrated with whatever we do. Most of the time after certain age we always find ourselves looking for that self satisfaction and it’s the same story with most of us.

But the biggest mistake we still do, is finding that satisfaction outside whereas if we invest a little time in our self, wellness will be reality. Connect with Indulge With Yourself for us to guide you on how you can make it happen and be more maintained than ever before.

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