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Love thy parents | Neha Nigam

We sometimes get so busy in our lives and our responsibilities of a zillion things we need to juggle every day.

Image via Shutterstock

Image via Shutterstock

No one ever told us that life would be so tough when we grew up!

When we were growing up, it was a different time. We were cared for, protected and were given the best our parents could afford to give us. We enjoyed the most carefree years of our lives thanks to our parents.

Now I see so many of us too busy in life to even remember those parents. Most are now old and many are living on their own and away from their children are often happy in their own small world. They need very little from their children but they need the same care and attention from us that they gave.

Often they don’t get that. When we were children our parents didn’t allow anything or anyone to hurt us but we struggle to provide the same sensitivity, warmth and care back to them.

I am a mother and I love my child more than anything else in this world and protect her fiercely. I guess the same way my parents protected me.

I wonder if after all the love and care I give her, what if she turns out to be one of those insensitive and indifferent kids. It will really break my heart.

So if you can’t get unconditional love and support from your own children when you spend 20-30 years giving them exactly that and never leaving their side, is it even worth having kids?

In reality, many parents need emotional support, love, respect and company more than financial support and when kids fail to provide that it must be really hard for the parents.

Make sure you remember to do your bit – call up your parents, ask them how their day went, how they are doing health wise, take them for their health check ups and make sure in your busy life you always have a slot fixed when you can spend quality time with them. Life is short and who knows how much time we all have but while we are around let’s make sure we remember to enjoy it with our beautiful parents just like we would like our kids to spend time with us when we grow old.

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