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London Calling | Vinita Ramtri – Desi Blogger

People ask what I like about London. While I’m normally workaholic, (and fitness-aholic) I just love my weekends in London.

I live by the river Thames and I just love to sit by the water and soak in the views, the impressive skyline beyond the waters, the magnanimity of the O2, or even just watch people go about their day to day lives.

I love to wander the streets and markets of this city; whether it’s the stalls at Borough Market, so neatly tucked in the by lanes of London Bridge, or grab a bite of the Brazilian Churro at the rustic Greenwich Market.

As they say, life is like an hourglass. When the sand falls to the bottom, it only takes one person to turn it around.

In fact, on that note, I notice that some of my acquaintances who visit London seem to arrive with a very packed agenda to ensure that they have all the right pictures at the right places. Needless to say, the pictures make it to Facebook eventually. I’m a Facebook fan too but honestly folks, if you really wanted to enjoy London (or maybe any city for that matter), take it easy and be ready to immerse yourself in the city, its local life, its culture and its people. And if you are in London, eat out as much as you can! London has some of the most amazing restaurants a city can offer. Check reviews on ‘Open Table’ or ‘Trip Advisor’ but do make the most of it!

VinitaRamtriAnyway, I digress as I wish to dedicate my first blog to a lady who inspired me this weekend.

This Saturday, after a hectic morning with the children, I set out to wander around Greenwich Market….as Wordsworth put it in his poem daffodils…’in vacant and in pensive mood…’

As it was nearing time to pack up, I stopped by a stall called Ngozi’s Kitchen and saw this woman selling sauces. She had three different types: sweet, hot and extra hot. As we got talking, she told me of her little sauce-making enterprise, and of how the sweetest sauce of her selection started off as a healthy lunch box item and about how her four children encouraged her to bottle them up for sale.

I have always felt I would love to have a little stall (and have actually done one for a total of three days in my life!) so we got chatting about the costs and the booking system. She was a lovely warm lady with a zest for life and a keenness to connect and to help and I was truly touched.

I bought the ‘hot’ sauce and wished her well and have nothing but admiration for someone who takes that first step to make things happen! As they say, life is like an hourglass. When the sand falls to the bottom, it only takes one person to turn it around. I have no doubt she did.

Coming home, I shared the conversation with my 11 year-old, and thanks to endless hours spent playing ‘HayDay’ on her iPad; she understands the concept of stock and investment.  Much to my surprise she suggested we take a stall and sell ‘loom bands’; another craze with the little girls these days.

I don’t know about loom bands, but I do have ideas looming in my mind and if I do set up yet another tiny stall in this life, it’ll be at the Greenwich market and you’ll definitely see it on my blog!

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