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The Journey and Impact of the Fusion Events

Forging Friendships, Partnerships & Relationships
Aspiring to Enhance Diversity & Inclusion!

Fusion was launched on 10th November 2013 and has directly impacted lives of 259 people with and without disability!

Fusion is our innovative effort towards raising awareness regarding the abilities of disabled people, facilitating and speeding up all round inclusion, altering negative mindsets and attitudes to allow diversity to become the preferred scenario in mainstream society.

I wish to take this opportunity to share with you news of the fantastically successful launch and progress of Fusion. Fusion is our face-to-face social network where we ‘fuse’ together, strength, enthusiasm and the sizzling energy of people with and without disabilities. Fusion was launched by Silver Linings on 10th November at the India International Center in hopes to break barriers and build two-way bridges of friendships, relationships and partnerships between the two currently distant worlds.

The original idea was to create an ongoing platform to get people to connect face to face, look for and explore opportunities to do exciting things together, have fun and chill out along with taking up work in the area of social development.

The 14th Fusion meet is being held on 3rd January 2016.

Here is an example of a wish list of our disabled Fusion members:

• Traveling
• Going for outings
• Sports and indoor games
• Connecting socially
• Matrimony
• Employment opportunities
• Having fun and chilling out
• Engaging in social activities

The news of this first of its kind ‘Fusion forum’ is spreading like wildfire and we are already being joined by lots of new members; especially young women.

Friendships are fast developing, members are connecting beyond the events and even a number of Corporates have started to come aboard to the meetings. All members and investors are showcasing their talents and skills by participating in cultural and other activities with the Fusion community. We are witnessing the deconstruction of attitudinal barriers and inhibitions that normally exist between the disabled and non-disabled world.

Project ‘Dignity’, has also emerged from the Fusion Event. The Dignity project is purely targeted at the visually impaired female and her personal and personality development. Since launching the project, we have helped to improve the lives of over 23 visually impaired women.

Thankfully our influence is growing as we begin to be featured in both print and electronic media, i.e. The Hindustan Times, The Hindu and the Times Now TV Channel.

Our plan for the immediate future is to conduct Fusion meetings in corporate companies all over the country. This will not only help to promote inclusion, but it’s also a great source of pure motivation for all involved.

We are looking for partners to take the Fusion Experience National as well as Global. This one of a kind of program is proving to expedite inclusion in a most subtle yet effective manner, promoting and encouraging diversity and inclusion via the Fusion methods. So much has been achieved already to help improve people’s lives and so much more can be achieved given a corporate sponsor partnering with us. Fusion promises to bring the diversity and invaluable aid to the workplace of many to change their lives for the better.

For any business inquiries or proposals, please contact me through the email below.
[email protected]

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