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Inspirational Women: Rimjhim Ray | CCO, unmarketeer

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rimjhim pictureI am the co-founder and CCO at unmarketeer. Unmarketeer is an integrated marketing agency focusing on new-gen communication media such as social, mobile and video.

Previously I worked with the advertising major Leo Burnett, headed social media for TCS and worked in global marketing and leadership roles with various companies including Tata Communication. I hold an MBA in Marketing from SP Jain, Mumbai and a bachelors degree in mathematics. I am a columnist with leading publications such as PR Moment and have also been listed as one of the top social media influencers in the country. Right now I am also working on my first book and I hope to publish it by end of this year.

Tell us about any current projects you are working on

At unmarketeer, we are working to build a new perspective on marketing which is built around creative storytelling, human interactions and evolving human behaviour. We are focusing less on business problems and are solving problems for consumers instead. We are looking at simplifying marketing and making it a universal language. Technology is what is underpinning this new marketing think but equally important is the creative layer on top of it which, together with the technology, ensures that your brand benefits reach all your customers.

Sticking to my dreams despite several obstacles like a family crisis

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

Sticking to my dreams despite several obstacles like a family crisis which forced me to give up a lucrative opportunity abroad and return home. For a woman balancing career with expectations of those at home is challenging. I have had a supportive partner which has helped. My parents also gave me their rock-solid support always. Also as an entrepreneur, the key challenge has been educating the market about concepts which are ahead of time. But the rewards are good enough to offset the hard work.

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

I think it is yet to come. For now I am focusing on my book and on taking unmarketeer to a nine figure revenue in its second year. We are also working on a couple more internet startup ideas which we should be ready to launch by this year or next. It is the best time of my life.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

I’d be a full time writer, traveler and film maker

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My mother, who despite coming from a conservative family, raised my sister and me to be strong, independent women who could hold our own anywhere in the world.

I am focusing on my book and on taking unmarketeer to a nine figure revenue in its second year.

What does the future hold for you?

More adventure, more madness, more experimenting. As I said I am having the best time of my life!

This article was provided by WeAreTheCity Mumbai Committee Member, Abhishek Chandola.
About Rimjhim Ray

Rimjhim is the Co-Founder and CCO at unmarketeer. Prior to launching unmarketeer, Rimjhim was a business head at Leo Burnett Group. She has also had leadership roles in global companies such as Tata Communications, TCS, British Telecom, Sony and McGraw Hill. She headed social media marketing at TCS where she also led the launch of digital initiatives for recruitment and HR. She is a columnist with global publications such as PR Moment, UK and is a visiting faculty of Digital Marketing at SP Jain.

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