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Inspirational Women: Malinda Prud’homme | Canadian Portrait Artist

Malinda artist
Malinda Prud’homme is a talented Mixed Media and Portrait Artist who works from her cozy studio in Toronto’s Art & Design District.

She’s been a professional artist since 2009 and began her full time career in 2012. She works tirelessly towards her dream of being a successful artist and is proud to include exhibiting her artwork internationally and attracting clients from all over the world to her list of achievements.

Malinda’s style is heavily influenced by the artists of the Renaissance period including Botticelli and Michelangelo. As they did in the past, her creative process begins with inspiration and is then executed with techniques that result in a high level of realism. She believes the time focused toward a piece and the immaculate detail achieved is one of the aspects that make her artwork so impressive.

When Malinda isn’t creating works of art she is likely cuddled up with a good book and her two cats, Maverick and Tyrion.

Tell us about yourself, your background and what you do currently?

I’ve been working full-time as a portrait artist for the past five years and have dedicated my life to expressing that ALL women are beautiful; regardless of age, size, ethnicity, or personal style. With my artwork and the positive self-love messages I spread online, I hope to change people’s lives for the better. I grew up in a small northern Ontario, Canadian city that lacked a variety of culture and an art community. I could not wait to move to the big city to be inspired by the beautiful mix of people and delve into the art scene.

While I began my career by painting the likenesses of famous women, I am now proud to say that many “everyday” women from all over the world have put their trust in me and allowed me to capture their unique beauty. While I do play around with other mediums and subjects, the majority of my original artwork is done using acrylic paint and oil paint and focuses on female beauty.

Are you working on any current projects or initiatives?

My most recent project focused on the breathtaking beauty of Indian women. At the beginning of my career I played around with female portraiture and gems but that style didn’t truly develop until I came in contact with my local Indian clients. They commissioned me to create many large scale Indian Bride paintings, including one that is an exact likeness to my client’s wife, all of which were covered with REAL gems, pearls, and gold pieces. These experiences have allowed me to get connected with the Sikh community here in the Toronto area and that has only further inspired my work. My last Solo Exhibition “Brilliant Beauty” which took place in March 2017 was dedicated to the beauty of Indian culture and Indian women.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

I’m very lucky to be an artist in these modern days where sharing your artwork with the world is only a click away. I have certainly utilized social media to the best of my ability but I would say my greatest challenge is gaining constant interactions from my followers with my work and having it shared. In reality this isn’t much of a challenge, I still succeed in spite of it, but I know that if folks were more willing to comment and share, my work could spread so much further. What a dream come true that would be!

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

I’ve achieved some truly amazing things with my art career. I’ve exhibited and sold work around the world. I’ve also been published in national magazines and will soon be a portrait specialist in an upcoming children’s TV show here in Canada. I’ve received awards and I’ve met some truly amazing people. But my greatest achievements are much more personal. I found the love of my life, my best friend in the whole world, and I’m blessed to call him my husband. I have two beautiful little boy cats who bring me so much joy. I am fortunate to have a cozy home in a prominent city and food to fill my belly. And on top of that, I get to make art for a living. It isn’t an easy job, it isn’t always steady income, but it’s my dream come true. I personally am not looking for fame or fortune; a happy life is all I need.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

I was a teacher prior to taking the leap into a full time career as an artist. I’m a qualified teacher for students age 10-17 and have specialties in History, Geography, English, and Visual Arts. When I graduated from University the teaching market in my province was flooded with people looking for a job so, after some private school teaching, I decided to focus on my dream of becoming an artist. If I could no longer be an artist I would certainly go back to teaching. I loved working with teen students and was very passionate about inspiring students to become life long learners.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspirations are Botticelli, a realistic painter from the Renaissance period, and Andy Warhol from the Pop era. I loved the smooth skin and realistic facial features from the Renaissance period but I also loved the bold colours and lines from the Pop era; so in my own style I combine the two contrasting styles. I’m constantly thinking of new mediums and techniques to apply to my existing style because I love that balance I’ve achieved but I also want to continue exploring to keep things fresh and new.

What does the future hold for you?

Who knows!? I sincerely hope that the future will bring continued success in my art career. It is my goal to exhibit my work overseas more often and hopefully reach new audiences from around the world. But my biggest wish is for continued love in my marriage, happy cats, lots of laughs, travel, and good food.








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