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Inspirational Woman: Ekta Tarun Wasan | Director, Wasan Knowledge Hub

Unknown-1Tell us about yourself

I am a  graduate by qualification and also a self-trained fashion enthusiast and designer. I had the vision of launching the Wasan Knowledge Hub after realising the need of the hour in the finishing, etiquette and image industry in India. I  believe in complete personal involvement in everything I do.

We have teamed up with the best in the area of etiquette and finishing training; this is what made Wasan Knowledge Hub tie up with The English Manner and Style Directions of UK.
For the Academy the best of trainers and business development personnel have been handpicked to propel Wasan Knowledge hub ahead at a fast pace.

Tell us about any current project you are involved in

We are The English Manner Finishing and Style Academy (UK) presented to you by The Wasan Knowledge Hub. We offer international training and consultancy in contemporary etiquette, protocol and style management. Many companies, irrespective of scale, have to train their staff, to groom them to meet global standards. Recognising this need for grooming, we at Wasan Knowledge Hub help you to give the finishing touch to your students. We focus on social skills, confidence development and projection of a powerful image. Especially in this day and age when academic qualifications and professional accreditation alone do not guarantee executive success, this is an area of such importance that should not be ignored.

It all started with my passion for design and creativity. During my search for an institute that would help me develop my areas of interest in a formal manner, we found that there is a huge bank of academic talent across all strata of society. However a lot of these talented and knowledgeable people, despite their qualifications, are still searching for the right break in life. The more we researched the more I found that the hiatus between qualifications and success was caused by a lack of self presentation skills, an inability to really project oneself in the manner they wanted to be perceived.

So with a shared philosophy of touching lives, helping people to learn, reflect and empower them for success in all walks of life, we decided to collaborate with two renowned institutions from the UK – The English Manner and Style Directions. We brought these academies to India so that a larger number of people would access the very best teaching models, with courses leading to an International Certification. This was the genesis of the Wasan Knowledge Hub.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

Challenges there may have been many but my concentration has been to achieve success through sheer hard work. The ultimate test was being patient. But yes, I have realised that patience is the key to success. I always believe that through work hard success speaks for itself.

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

The genesis of Wasan Knowledge Hub and bringing the UK’s most reputed etiquette and styling companies to India. This venture is the first of its kind for our country. The Academy marks the entry of two reputed and organised international experts in the field of corporate styling and etiquette training.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

As I am creatively inclined, I would be doing something in fashion and design.

My motto is to touch many lives, mentor them, and create waves of success and happiness in society.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

I have always been inspired by my parents, have enjoyed support from my husband and in- laws and have been motivated by my sister. I have always admired Ms. Sushmita Sen – who graced our launch, who is a former Ms. Universe and popular Bollywood actress and epitomizes grace, grooming, style. The poise and finesse that she exudes inspires every women to have a positive attitude and to be confident and proud of who she is.

What does the future hold for you?

India is a global player. The  world is taking note of the long strides our charismatic, progressive and dynamic Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi is making in the fields of development. With so much happening all around, we would like to contribute to this new India in our own small but unique manner, by providing our youth with skills that will give them professional, personal and social parity, internationally. The English Manner Finishing and Style Academy, an initiative of the Wasan Knowledge Hub intends to do just that. We have bespoke programmes for children from as young as four years old to the young adults and young professionals who are perched at the threshold of their future. Many of our courses are also designed for the benefit of girls and women so that they can hold their own special status in any role and any sphere of life.

For further information please contact

Web www.wasanknowledgehub.com
T: +91 22 6164 1234
E: [email protected]

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