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Inspirational Woman: Sibylle Becker | Earth ambassador for women and girl empowerment, Sibylle Becker Life Coach

I am a Theatre Pedagogue, Director, life coach, Trainer and Coach for Emotional Intelligence, Teacher of Body Awareness with a Focus on Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, Body Painting, Personality Development, Reorientation and Change Processes, Stress Management, Process Support, Prevention, Temperament, Partnership and Relationship Skills, Mindfulness, Human Dignity and Practical Psychology.

I have always been fascinated by India and I love India. Since the age of 7, I have had a keen interest in Sanskrit language which I think is the most advanced and scientific language in the world.

Since last 21 years I am creating theatre projects, many of them with kids and youngsters. And I am a mother of 5 children. We live in south Germany by the lake of Constance in a little farmhouse with view to the Swiss alps.

Currently I work in a international girls school in south Germany . Also I help people as a life coach to inspire and motivate them, push them into their own power and accompany them to throw personal problems like deep sadness, loneliness, problems in school or at work. With my unlimited trust and my loving heart, also with my theatre methods, like singing, painting, dancing, chanting mantras etc. they are able to get back to a happy life. Also there are Seminars , and you will find all details on my website.

I am there for you always.

Tell us about any current projects or initiatives you wish to promote

I do want to promote My Mantra CD and chanting courses as they are very close to my heart.

I learnt all the mantras from India, and chanting has helped me in so many ways,

Because I love and care about those chants since more than 25 years now it was time to make my dream come true. To bring this CD and with it all connected experiences to the world, just for myself. They are unforgotten pictures from my travels through India when I was 14 years old: meeting a holy person and the love I can experience through my dedication to this music, experiences that seem like wonders… and affect my life completely.

The sounds are sung in the Ancient Indian protolanguage Sanskrit, the oldest language of human kind.

The meaning and sense of those words can’t be translated shortly and would delimit the possibility of experience through listening. They are holy prayers of cashmere Shaivism and are in close connection to the Agnihotra. Anyone who hears or sings them can experience the effects by himself. That’s the best part about it: everyone is unique and so are the experiences with them.

There are people who claim to have personal rights on the correctness of the tone sequences of the chants. With this CD I want to make it clear that EVERYONE is allowed to sing this mantras, with his own individual passion and connection. There can be never enough people who sing with love! So noone has to be afraid about getting something taken away.

I, for example used this chants in my early years, during my work as a cleaner in a nutrition and fasting clinic to clean the atmosphere, protect myself from illnesses and to boost the people and the premises with positive energy. The feedback from those people who haven’t had contact to something like that was e.g. “… when you are in the room there is more love” or “continue singing, it touches me deep in my heart” or “when are you coming again so that I can be here when you sing”.

I was very excited to say that I chant from my heart and soul and this has a very positive effect on people.

Hope you enjoy the link below

Girl Power Seminars are also my passion.

Here you learn the basics of acting and get in addition many more tips and tricks for more fun in life. How can you enforce yourself with humour? How can you spontaneously, be quick-witted and self-confident? The additional mannequin running training will make you enjoy the performance in every situation.


Women Power Seminar is also something close to my heart and very dear to me.

In this seminar, you will learn to trust you and your needs.

Women always need to be self confident, and this is what I try to teach


Men Power Seminar are also important in today’s times.

In this seminar, I’ll show you how you feel about the uncertainties which are the predominant male.

Male members of our society also have much pressures and I find ways to make them become true winners in life and find happiness everywhere.


Mallorca Seminars is again my forte and I hope you will find it interesting.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

To stick to my goals , through the negative feedback from many people and to stay to my own feelings and ideals. Many times in life I hear from others: don’t be so emotional, don’t be so near, don’t be so friendly, don’t watch this deep way, don’t be so empathic, be more authoritarian, you are too naive.

To life my love for life is in every moment and I don’t let my dedication be exploited. So I learnt to be very watchful and be able to delimit myself from people who want to use me and my loving heart for their own projects.

Staying focussed to the NOW and doing all the tasks in my life step by step, is always a challenge but I have learnt the art of planning and then doing, which gives me amazing results.

Even through tough times, I never neglect my five kids and am always trying to be be always there for them whenever they need me.

Protecting my home and my kids from negative people, because I know, how much important it is to have a peaceful and friendly home. In my opinion its essential and mandatory for women to protect their home from negativity – women have to be able to fight for peace and love. And how to fight in a women’s way, you can learn with me.

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

My greatest achievement is the appreciation I have got from so many people. This makes me most happy. But my biggest achievement of them all is being a mother to five lovely children.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

I would travel around the world, bring love and trust to EVERYONE I I would live in Sóller, Mallorca, the place where I feel protected and connected I I would be on stage, dance, sing and be a rock star with a golden heart

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Being connected by singing mantras, my imagination and daydreaming.

The sun, the wind, the nature and a bath in the ocean.

The nature and the people I meet daily as my inspiration as there is so much to learn from everyone.

What does the future hold for you?

Be taken seriously worldwide for showing how love keeps the world together and heal everything.

I had visited India when I was 14, and I would again love to visit India soon. India is a great country and each state in India has its unique culture and language and India has shown to the world that there is Unity in Diversity.

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