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Inspirational Woman: Ritu Agwekar | Senior Associate at Law Point, Advocates and Solicitors

Introduction: Tell us about yourself, your background and what you do currently

I am a Lawyer and currently heading the Pune operations of a Mumbai based Law Firm, Law Point. The Firm Law Point, Advocates and Solicitors, marked its beginning in Pune, with me, in the year 2010. With my vast experience in law, spanning over two decades, I not only established myself as a professional but also grew the Firm’s presence in the city of Pune.

Tell us about any current projects or initiatives you wish to promote.

Law is a vast field and has specialized diverse areas of practice. Over years, the profession has undergone vast changes and has paved way for specialised areas of practice. In view of the same, we offer comprehensive legal and financial services covering all facets of real estate ranging from commercial, residential, infrastructural development to joint ventures projects/transactions. The guiding philosophy being that stand alone legal advisory services or stand alone taxation/financial advisory services cannot provide a comprehensive solution to any real estate project.

The firm has therefore developed the expertise to provide a suite of all encompassing real estate solutions which comprise of legal, tax and financial services. The combined talent of the Legal and Financial Professionals ensures that every project and client benefits from the expertise of a well balanced team bringing in the requisite expertise in all aspects of the client brief.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

Law as a profession is a challenging field. In these 21 years of my active working, the journey has been challenging, in terms of carving a niche. Being from a non-lawyer background, to make a place for oneself is a challenge. I accepted it and then there has been no looking back and the journey continues.

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

Frankly, completing each assignment is an achievement in itself. To hand over a fool proof and legally viable solution to each client for his/its project, is an achievement. Sustaining in this fieldJ, after confronting many challenges, making my mark and being called dependable by many clients, I guess all of this is my achievement J

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

I guess certainly some other Leadership or Consultancy role : )

Who has been your biggest inspiration?


What does the future hold for you?



My becoming a lawyer was not exactly a planned move; “Sometimes the profession chooses you.” For me, since the time I entered the legal field, there has been no looking back. Iam an expert in the legal aspects of Real Estate, Corporate and Commercial and strive to ensure that the client gets a legally fool proof document.

My journey has been challenging and required a lot of perseverance and dedication, willingness to learn, but it was my self-belief that led to the success and the process continues. The journey has been challenging especially in terms of carving a niche, but I learnt the ropes of the field and acquired success one step at a time. I strongly believe that to be in business means to keep moving ahead and adapting oneself according to the times AND I strive to keep myself abreast of the latest and to excel in whatever I do. I have always competed with myself and charted and navigated my own career path. My work drivers are Passion and most importantly, Respect for Myself.

I have chosen a fulfilling and meaningful life where I play multiple professional roles of a Lawyer, a Mentor-SHEROES (a Million +community for the Women, Worldwide), A Life Skills Trainer, one of the Founder Members of “L.E.A.P.” (Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals) and Founder of “TheSylf”- your Rendezvous’ with Self, where I conduct workshops on “How to improve one’s Self Worth” and also a Consulting Advocate for an NGO-  “Gharonda”- an upcoming inmate Facility and Activity Centre for the Senior Citizens.

I also find time for pursuing my hobbies such as singing, writing Poems, dancing, travelling and reading.


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