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Inspirational Woman: Ramya Rao | Faculty Manager ,Corporate Trainer,TV Anchor, Reliance Industries Limited

Whether she is balancing a sword on her head, belly dancing on a kuchipudi tarangam plate, or successfully creating a balance between her corporate life and pursuing her passions, Ramya Rao personifies an ideal blend of pursuing passion and priorities.

She believes that everybody is a superhuman, if they choose to be so . After all 24 hours is a lot of time in a day to do everything one wishes for.

Her mantra is : Anybody and everybody can make a difference.

She was recently seen in the AIB video ’A woman’s Besties’ and was also featured along with her twin in Airtel MTV Connected back in the year 2009.

Tell us about yourself, your background and what you do currently

An engineer by qualification, I hail from the defence background where my dad was an officer with the Indian Navy. My parents always believed that an all round development of a personality stems from a balance in studies as well as extracurricular activities. It is this school of thought that has clearly shaped the life of mine and my twin sister Kavea who currently is an Anchor for Live Events and Television.

Currently I am a corporate trainer working with Reliance Industries during the day and by evening I transform myself into a dancer experimenting with my newly introduced ‘Classically Belly’ concept having been trained in Indian Classical dance and Belly dance

Tell us about any current projects or initiatives you wish to promote

My mother, sister and I are focussing a lot on our brand Kalaneca to promote the exquisite work done by the weavers of Uppada in Andhra.

Having just introduced the concept of Bellydance on a Kuchipudi Tarangam Plate, I am looking at working on better routines and create newer possibilities of fusing Indian classical Dance and Bellydance through ‘Classically Belly’. It is still in its embryonic stage , there is a lot of work to do there.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

When I had decided to come to Mumbai in 2009, I was still figuring what to do and how. I learnt about the value for time and money in 2010 when I reached a stage where I had zero rupees in my wallet. I understood the importance of priorities. Failures are the best learning experiences and that is when I took hold of my life and said to myself ‘ I am going to bounce back’. Guess being a sportsperson as well as a NCC cadet taught to never give up.

Currently, my constant challenge in doing what I do, is to give the best in all the areas I am dabbling. I cannot afford to compromise on work for dance or on dance for my sarees work. Each activity deserves equal and undivided attention. I guess I am doing good so far!


What has been your greatest achievement personally?

There have been those few ‘aaha’ moments in life:

  1. Representing Andhra Pradesh at the Republic Day Parade NCC at Delhi in 1998
  2. Winner of All India Management Association – Young Managers Award-Eastern India Region in 2014
  3. Navy Queen Runner Up in 2007, Vishakapatnam
  4. Winner in Solo Dance Category – CTC-Engage4More in 2012

Most importantly my achievement has been in being able to do what I love and yet have time for many more activities to fill the basket. Sometimes during the week , I also host few corporate shows ,I am also a PADI certified licenced scuba diver. So indeed I feel blessed.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

What can I say ? I am getting to do everything I love. Why should I be doing anything different from what I choose to be doing now. Not many get to live a life filled with balance in work and pursuing my passion. I consider myself lucky and would not want to trade this with anything else.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My sources of inspiration are many. Every time I interact with people, I try to takeaway one key factor from them. Inspiration I believe can be found in any form, in anyone and everyone.

What does the future hold for you?

The future is bright and big.

At work, I see myself growing and contributing more towards the learning landscape of the company. The learning and development space is growing really well with digitisation coming in.

I see myself promoting the handloom of Uppada in Andhra extensively through my brand Kalaneca. I see myself dancing more, creating more beautiful choreographies and possibly collaborating with other different forms.

The platter is full, most importantly it is rich in every sense.




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