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Inspirational Woman: Pressy Nathan | Fashion and Portrait Photographer

Pressy Nathan Feature

Tell us about yourself, your background and what you do currently

I’m a fashion model turned photographer and now love being behind the camera and enjoying the whole creative process of it.

Inspirational Woman - Pressy NathanI was born in chennai lived there for few years and eventually moved to bangalore did my schooling and university there. When I was 17 or so won the miss bangalore title and than on the Telephone never stopped ringing for modelling projects. It was fun, exciting and also turned a slightly introverted person like me to face all my fears of being on stage and facing a large crowd when walking down the runway. Which later translated to an adrenaline rush.

Being a model made me financially independent really young. Also thanks to my parents,they made sure I was extremely grounded and rooted.Which created a good balance for me.
Eventually moved to Mumbai after I finished my degree to become a full time model. I travelled extensively was practically living out a suitcase. Went to some of the most amazing islands and countries, met incredibly inspiring people and opened a whole different world to me. The world was my oyster.

Later on my life journey took me to different countries where I lived but also continued modelling and slowly my attention moved to the art world. Started studying arts and also collecting pieces that I liked.

I knew I had a strong visual sense and moved on to studying photography in Nyc where I’m still based and work.

Tell us about any current projects or initiatives you wish to promoteand your greatest achievement personally

Inspirational Woman - Pressy NathanRegarding the current projects that I would like to promote. It would be my mother’s memoir which is a cookbook, but right now it’s a work in progress and hoping to be published by end September.
And when this book is completed it will a great achievement for me since its so close you my heart.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

One of the biggest challenge for a photographer is that everyone thinks they know photography thanks to the iPhone etc selfies are fun but what most people don’t realize is that photographers have to spend a lot of money on lighting equipments, studio, software programs for post work,they spend hundreds of hours educating and getting trained to operate all of the above to create images. Most people try to bargain on the cost of paying if they can because they really don’t comprehend what it takes to create beautiful images.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?Inspirational Woman - Pressy Nathan

If I wasn’t a photographer I think I would definitely be in the arts or anything connected to the visual medium

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Cliched as it may sound but my mother is my biggest inspiration .She was a work horse ( with no complains) filled with amazing amount of energy and a warm,giving and caring person. An entrepreneur and generous in her love not only to her family but also to everyone she met and connected. It’s something I treasure the most.

What does the future hold for you?

Maybe regarding my future , it can be my different work projects and the travels that it will lead me too.

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