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Inspirational Woman: Malti Bhojwani | Professional Coach, Somatic Facilitator and Author

Malti Bhojwani

Malti BhojwaniMy journey has been of adventure, learning and taking opportunities as they come. I was born in Singapore and have lived in Spain, Sydney, Jakarta, Mumbai and Pune. I have worked as an English teacher, studied Gemology, worked in the family business where we imported home and giftware mainly from China and distributed nationally in Australia, worked as a senior buyer for Australia’s largest online department store and dabbled with life coaching on the side.

Eight years ago I had the courage to immerse myself in personal development as a trainer, facilitator, personal life coach and author. Today my core work is supporting private clients by holding them accountable to goals, action steps, personal rituals and practices. I also facilitate corporate leadership and self-discovery experiential workshops using body-emotion and language cohesion to help participants experience deep learnings that go beyond cognitive reasoning.

Tell us about any current projects you are involved in

My first book, “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball” was a personal journey and weaved in how the law of attraction works. My latest book, “The Mind Spa – Ignite your Inner Coach” is a bit of a kick up the behind to tell readers how to move forward from wherever they are right now. This book offers many tools to help readers get into the habit of creating desirable outcomes.

The limited first edition also includes a guided writing journal which encourages TAGging (expressing Thankfulness, Appreciation and Gratitude) i.e. writing down our dreams and goals. It also has a section to surrender our worries and fears and includes the iHour and 31-Day Habit Forming Checklist.

EmBODYing Power – a FREE mobile App

This is a simple, free app to teach users a few powerful somatic practices to help people feel better so they can ‘do’ and ‘have’. BE, DO, HAVE! The app includes animations supported with my voice as I guide the listener into three different body dispositions of powerful presence. It will be coming out soon on PlayStore and iTunes. The concept behind the app is that everyone can experience how a simple tweaking of the body can make a huge shift in our moods and how we feel. This in turn then influences he words we choose and the way we affect the people and circumstances in our lives. The body cannot be ignored in transformative work. Knowing stuff on a cognitive level is not enough.

Virtual Life Skills, Yoga-Pranayam and Meditation Courses

These will be released in early May and June respectively and are meant to act as a Mobile Coach and Mobile Instructor. I am working on the Yoga Course with a dear friend and fellow talented and well-trained instructor, Radhika Hira.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

Being vulnerable and authentic. Showing the world that I am human and that things are not always awesome for me. Im spite of the beliefs I write about, I experience downtimes and disappointments. I know that a dentist cannot fill their own teeth, nor can a cardiologist by-pass their own hearts. In my work, I used to be afraid to show this side, thinking that I always needed to be composed and show success. So it was challenging when it didn’t seem like I was doing anything worthwhile, or making the difference I wanted to. When it seemed like nothing was happening, and if I were to only read my own words I would be able to see that there are always challenging times. The biggest challenge has been to stick to the path no matter what, especially when it seems like it is time to give up.

I have been lucky and I attribute my luck to plugging in, or to TM (Transcendental Meditation) because somehow I do breathe into the pain and stay (just like we do in a yoga asana). I stay that little bit longer, as my inner guide whispers to me to hang in there, and then just when it seems like I am about to fall off the cliff, I meet a new coach, teacher or healer who helps me and I lift off again to greater heights. Persisting, staying true to our personal practices and asking for help when things don’t seem to be working in our favour is THE key.

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

As simple as this may sound, after a lifetime of being obesity, my weight loss was my greatest achievement. When I was about 38, I made the decision to be fit and slim and I did it. It was a benchmark much more powerful that any of the crazy feats I had previously experienced, such jumping off a thirty-foot pole, walking on burning coals or writing my first book. None of these came close to how I felt when, for the first time in my life, I was finally able to wear a bikini and feel good in it. I was able to dress in clothes I never imagined wearing. I truly felt like I could do anything!

I could also say that having a grown-up, gorgeous, independent daughter publish her first novel too – but that’s her achievement!

Writing was incidental. It came to me effortlessly so before I knew it, I had written a few books and hundreds of articles. My North American voice-over artist described one of my books as open, honest, intimate, real: “That to read it is to have a conversation with you. Not a conversation about personal development or growth, pursuit of ‘success’ or ‘sanctuary’; but, about YOUR journey from there to here and that passion translates into page after page of incidental enlightenment. Unlike so many in the genre, you don’t have to be searching for something in order to get something. It’s a damn good read. Straightforward, fun, real and easy to digest – even if bits of it are hard to swallow.”

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

Honestly, I would go back to being a full-time mother, caring for my daughter, but she’s all grown up now and it’s time for new adventures but I miss that time.

As I have been working for myself for a long time now, with no one to learn from unless I choose to attend a course, workshop or training, I think I would like the discipline and mentorship of working for someone again and helping them build their dreams. I have always been a very good supporter, more so than a controller. That’s probably why I make a good coach, but yes, working as a part of a cool team building a massive vision that would make people happier somehow is something I would love to do.

Or, I would travel to learn more on embodiment, Somatic work, dance and yoga and run pop-up workshops wherever they let me, teaching what I know to anyone who wanted to learn from me. I would also like to explore South America and go on a Shamanistic retreat. Thank you for this question, I liked the creativity it opened up – I think I will do all that someday soon!

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My all-time inspiration is Oprah Winfrey, for all the reasons she’s so loved by all, but especially because she brings such wonderful world-healing light-working teachers to the stage for us to learn from and aspire to be like.

What does the future hold for you?

Lots more learning all over the world for sure and then the imbibing and teaching of what I learn in techy ways. Perhaps more mobile apps and other gadget-like devices to support users in learning to deal with day-to-day stresses.

There will be more writing as there are three more books in the pipeline, 365 motivational tweetable quotes, 40 success stories and a novel that I have been dreaming about writing for a year now. Having said that, as I have been quite nomadic in recent years, I am looking forward to settling into a home somewhere much closer to my daughter, that I decorate modernly with white sheets, wooden floors and a few Pomeranians.

About Malti Bhojwani

Malti Bhojwani, 44, is the author of several books including “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball”, “The Mind Spa – Ignite Your Inner Life Coach” and “Thankfulness, Appreciation Gratitude”. Malti has brought her experience to individuals, teams in corporations and entrepreneurs internationally for over 14 years. Malti is a certified life coach (International Coach Federation ICF – PCC) and a facilitator trained in NLP, Ontological Coaching, Somatic work and Yoga. She coaches individuals by phone and facilitates live bespoke workshops for corporates, bringing together body, emotion and language cohesion. Malti has designed virtual courses and mobile apps to help spread personal empowerment internationally. Born in Singapore, she has lived in Jakartaand Sydney where her daughter, Drishti also an author lives. Malti currently resides in Pune, India.

For further information, please go to






http://maltibhojwani.com/7recoverysteps.html – Heal and recover from heartache

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnoV8FiXMOQ – Multimedia experience to help you let go and Forgive

The Mind Spa received a recent endorsement:

“Malti has honestly shared her own adventures in time and space to show you that what may seem like disconnected events and struggles were actually infinite probabilities. That when endeavoured with a positive and hopeful way of thinking and feeling perfectly paved pathways that led her and will lead her readers to the life of their dreams, to manifesting change to infinite possibilities. Read ‘The Mind Spa – Ignite Your Inner Life Coach’ and “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball” and feel that inspiration in your cells!

Mike Dooley – New York Time’s Bestselling Author of Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams and Leveraging the Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life’s Magic.

Mike is one of the featured teachers in the international phenomenon, ‘The Secret’. He is best known for his free Notes from the Universe

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