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Inspirational Woman: Jaya Bellara | Founder, Vedic Aura

Jaya Bellara

A glance around and we are gifted with a picture of Mother Nature, in its best thriving form!

With green plants, blooming flowers and the smell of earth, Nature looks ready to gift us with its secret remedies that are ancient but are still a boon to our skin and hair problems.

Vedic Aura, by Jaya Bellara is the perfect amalgamation of Nature’s gifts, giving us the ideal solution for our skin and hair conditions, especially when you are tired of the available chemical formulas and products. Whether it is rough hair, slow hair growth, hair fall, skin pigmentations, etc. these natural ingredients used in all Vedic Aura products, as conceptualized and created by Mrs. Bellara, help you combat your conditions with ease.

In this ecstatic interview, Mrs Jaya Bellara opens up about her journey to the establishment of Vedic Aura and how the brand has soon become one of the most sought after skin and hair care brands in the Ayurveda based cosmetic industry.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I have always been a passionate follower of Yoga and Ayurveda. My faith is the ancient treasure of Ayurveda was further strongly forged from my personal experience, when my daughter faced hair fall issues and I tried herbal Ayurveda ingredients to prepare a recipe for hair oil which successfully stopped her hair fall. This personal experience gave me the motivational boost I needed to pursue my dream of establishing my own brand of nature friendly healthcare products. I started with just a few products at Vedic Aura, and  today it has grown and diversified its portfolio.

It gives me profound happiness to see the success stories of the huge number of people around me. I believe that a successful business is not a zero sum game where someone has to lose for someone to win. I am a strong believer in narrative of growing pie. I believe in the sustainable growth model of business through constant Innovation, Quality and Integrity. It is these three values that I stand by and wish Vedic Aura to imbibe as a successful organisation.

Jaya Bellara

What are your current projects or other Initiatives that you wish to promote?

The main idea behind creating Vedic Aura was to find herbal solutions to our everyday skin,  hair and other health problems. Henceforth, my current project is to continue catering high quality diversified products based on Ayurveda through my diversified range of products.

Life is full of challenges. What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

Success doesn’t come easy, especially when you are a working mother. It doesn’t matter whether you are a junior member of an organization or the founder and CEO in your own firm, for any mother the biggest challenge remains the same, to achieve work-life balance. You need to deliver best on the work front and also on the family front. So, whether it is your personal life or work, I try hard to deliver my best. For me, Success is when you Maintain that Work-Family Balance perfectly in your life.

On your personal front, what has been your greatest achievement?

When you create a brand, it is nothing less than giving birth to a baby. And when you see people appreciating your work, your brand and products, you feel on top of the world. For me, the testimonials and feedbacks that are written by all satisfied Vedic Aura customers is one of my greatest achievements. Being able to turn my dream into reality by creating the wide range of products at Vedic Aura is my biggest achievement. I wish I can continue to deliver the best products to all my happy customers, year after year.

Jaya Bellara

What would you be doing is you weren’t doing what you are currently doing now?

I love my work and there is nothing else I can imagine myself doing. My work is my passion and my goals are the only things I have my focus on. The work I do, defines me and makes me happy.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

I owe all my success to my husband who has showed his unwavering support to me on each step of my entrepreneurship journey. I certainly would never have reached the place I am standing today, if it was not for his Love and Encouragement. He is the Reason behind my Success.

What does the future hold for you?

For years, Ayurveda has been silently helping us treat our health conditions by means of the natural herbs and ingredients. I simply wish to create a respectable market share for Vedic Aura in the always growing Ayurveda based health industry.

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