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Inspirational Woman: Garima Nag | Travel and Lifestyle Blogger, www.sweetsharing.com

Garima Nag

Garima NagI was born in a small town of Rajasthan. I spent the majority of my childhood years in small towns. The experience of living in different cities instilled in me the love for travelling. I am a creatively inclined person and particularly love fashion design which has taken me to many places and introduced me to many art forms and talented artisans.

Currently I am a stay at home mom with two adorable kids. I run a lifestyle website called sweetsharing.com where I share my experiences and views. I love connecting with people. My blog provides me a platform where I interact with many amazing people. We share a common love for reading. It’s a fabulous experience.

Between running-behind-my-kids and squeezing time in for writing, I love to do yoga. It has been seven years since I started it. I am now a complete addict and it keeps me fresh, agile and sane!

Tell us about any current projects you are involved with

At present my blog is something that I am totally dedicated to apart from my family. It gives me immense satisfaction and is my two-way connection to the world. I strongly feel about women issues like gender bias, hardships faced by women on a daily basis at home and in the workplace. I share my views and seek opinion on how to ease the stress a woman goes through in order to cope up with her family and work.

sweetsharing.com has articles that talks about parenting and relationships. I share my personal experience as well as observations. It always has a personal touch. My readers feel the connect. They can relate to the situations. Often they comment that they faced something similar in their own lives . It gives me great satisfaction when a reader sends a personal message stating that my post had a positive impact on him or her. How it changed their way of thinking. That’s when I know that words have the power to bring about change.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

I am not a professional writer or a technical person. So for me setting up a blog, constructing a website and going through the detailed procedure were pretty hard initially. I had no one to guide me. Perhaps my passion for writing helped me through the initial hiccups. I could have sought out professional support but I was adamant to do it on my own, my way. Today, not only, have I learnt technical aspects of blogging but I can also proudly say that I have built my own website from the scratch.

The second major issue was to let people know that you are blogging. It is imperative that people read and share your articles. Being a not-so-social person, I didn’t know how to promote my work. I searched online and read many articles by other bloggers which helped me a lot. I am still working on my social media skills. It’s an ongoing process. The more you learn, the more refined your work becomes.

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

Success is a relative term. I never thought about it in these terms. Although I do take pride in saying that my website has a loyal following who like and appreciate what they read. It has just been 18 months since I started blogging. The journey has been great so far. I have learnt so many aspects of life those I didn’t know even existed.

During this period, I have made many great friends whom I know solely through the blog or social media. I have won many writing contests and online blog awards. Still the love and acceptance from the blogging fraternity has been my greatest achievement so far. For me, Its just a start. I am enjoying the journey but it’s a long road ahead!

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

It’s a funny question actually. Life has always thrown strange twists at me. I planned to become a doctor,p and happily preparing for my medical entrance test. That’s when I suddenly decided to opt for fashion designing out of the blue. That was a life-changing decision for me.

After working for several years in the field, travelling extensively in and outside the country, I thought this is what I will do for rest of my life. Today, here I am happily running my household, actively blogging and travelling. The key is to go with the flow, love what you do at the moment and excel in it. You are bound to set a new benchmark. The most important thing is to enjoy life. Having said that, the next time I might be sharing my experiences as an adventure traveller. Who knows?

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

LIFE. I just love life. Its challenges, emotions, people we meet, places we go. Why seek any other inspiration? Life, in itself is such a huge inspiration. You live once. Why not make the best of it? It is not possible to live all your dreams but it is not impossible to dream and try to make it your reality. There’s so much to learn, to see, to experience. I think one lifetime is not enough. I adore people who live in simplicity, enjoying small things, appreciating what has been besotted on them. They are my inspiration.

What does the future hold for you?

It is pretty hard to say what the future holds for me or for anyone else. At present, I am enjoying my time with my family. My blog is giving me the creative and professional satisfaction I crave. I am aiming to build a better reader base and reach out to as many as people as possible to share and learn.

I have been doing reviews of books, products, places and services. I plan to provide comprehensive writing and review services. People interested in the services can reach me through the ‘CONTACT’ page on my blog or through other social media, below.




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This article was provided by WeAreTheCity Delhi Committee Member, Ashish Bhardwaj.

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