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Inspirational Woman: Farzana Suri | Founder Farzana Suri Victory Coach

Tell us about yourself, your background and what you do currently

Being the fifth child in a family of seven and, that too in a Muslim household may have had its share of rigid beliefs and mindset. However, being born to parents who valued tradition as much as they did their best to embrace the evolution of the modern world was something I’m thankful for. Not many know, that I studied to be a Chartered Accountant and turned my back on it to pursue the advertising business. My experience is reflected in the agencies I’ve been in – BBDO, Lowe-Lintas, Havas, DaCunha, Mudra and Network leading brands such as Bridgestone Tyres, Idea Cellular, Raymond’s, Parle Beverages, Sony TV, Zee TV, HDFC Bank and more.

Nine years ago, my interest in alternate sciences grew and I found myself seeking to unravel and understand the mysteries in handwriting and birth numbers.

It was a period of learning and gaining new insights with S Radhakrishnan, Chennai and Michelle Buchanan, Australia to learn more about Numerology. Graphology or handwriting and Signature analysis fascinated me. I integrated both after learning them through Bart Baggett, Joel Engels and Vinit Bansode. I felt I could do more in my sessions if I brought in formal coaching. That’s when Symbiosis, Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker and Brian Tracey helped in mentoring me into who I am today.

One day, I decided to hang up my advertising boots and pursue this full-time. One may move out from advertising however the adperson in you doesn’t ever go away. I decided I wanted to be more than just a numerologist or graphologist or coach. That’s when a dear friend of mine came upon ‘Victory Coach”. And, it stuck. I help people to find the victor within themselves through my integrated coaching approach – to be victorious in whichever area they seek victory in.

What do I do differently as a Victory Coach?

In my 1:1 coaching, I use numerology – the science of understanding you, your personality, talent and in which phase of life are you based on your date of birth. This acts as a diagnostic tool. Once I read this blueprint, I’m able to devise a life strategy on the area you are seeking change and empowerment – your personal life, relationships, business, career and finance. My recommendations involve NLP, life leadership techniques, graphology, art therapy or clearing and affirmation statements. These are no-expense techniques.

I work to bring the change within you, internally. Because change can happen only when YOU desire it. I rarely change names or suggest gemstones.

My coaching is predominantly to show you the direction of your victory. It’s up to you to walk o it.

I’m a Corporate Trainer and Speaker as well. Having coached and trained several 100s of executives in corporations like BBC, HDFC Life, SunTec, Sika Chemicals, Merck, Blue Dart-DHL and many more.

I train corporate executives on Leadership influence, Goal-setting with an edge, Self-management, Team Alignment & Engagement, Sales Leadership, Victory Mindset, Managing Change, Visioning, Performance Acceleration, Motivational Talks to name a few.

Tell us about any current projects or initiatives you wish to promote?

It’s still evolving so unable to share right now.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

I have started from ground zero after working in an organisation where I earned almost half a crore per annum. I was down to Rs 1359.29 with an Rs 85000 EMI to pay in the next three weeks. I lost so-called friends and well-wishers despite not reaching out to them for help. I was broken and shattered in ways that I find difficult to explain. From flying out of the country twice a year to shop for my wardrobe to wondering if I really needed to step out and spend Rs 100 on a rickshaw ride. Yes, I’ve risen from there.

At the same time, I must confess I have had some incredible angels who stood by me, had faith in me and one such angel helped me bag an assignment of Rs 1lac when I had no hope except the faith in the Super Being.

The challenge was to stand tall, bend but not break. And, I’m in gratitude to all those who touch my life. Each and every one. The ones who helped and even the ones who couldn’t or didn’t. I’m glad they were/are in my life.

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

With over 5000 clients across the world from Ukraine to Auckland, New York to Columbia, there have been many. I have received my 90th Tier referral in life. Which means Client One recommended me to Client two who recommended me to Client Three and this chain has gone all the way to Client 90.

However, there are two cases that are very close to me.

A single mother, she spent eigh years at CNBC and got sacked along with 1000 other employees three years ago. She was extremely distressed thinking her life was over. Her numerological analysis revealed that it was time. Time to break the shackles of being an employee to fly solo and follow her passion for art and painting murals. Using various coaching and empowering techniques, each day brought her closer to her dream to live again and be successful.  Today she is a sought-after muralist in the corporate world. In helping her discover the victor within, I found my victory as well.

There’s a certain magic when what you want and what you need perfectly align.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

Honestly, I can’t think of doing anything other than this. Even if I’m not paid and was told what would you love to keep doing? I’d say, “YES!” Being that tiny catalyst that is instrumental in creating love and joy around, is what gratifies me the most.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My mother has been my biggest inspiration and, I only realised it after she passed on. Her life has been filled with trials and tribulations and she has withstood it all with her strong belief that in life there are no losers, only winners because in the light of a new day, you’ll shine brighter, always.

What does the future hold for you?

What I do today, determines my future. Let it unfold. I’m here to embrace it with a killer smile!


Business Background

Farzana Suri has been an ad professional for over 17 years before establishing Farzana Suri Victory Coach. She’s lead brands like Raymond’s, Idea Cellular, HDFC, Sony TV, MSD, Tata Comm to name a few. As a Victory Coach, she has had the privilege of coaching over 5000 clients across India and the globe since 7 years. She guides you to victory through an approach that is novel; using numerology and graphology.

Her clients include Corporate Executives, Sports & Media personalities, Entrepreneurs and Professionals.

Personal Information

She’s a Cat lover and lives with her cat, Wriggley who shares his wisdom with her. Hailing from the land of Nawabs & kababs – Lucknow, she comes from a family of poets and writers and writing runs in her bloodstream.

She’s an avid Facebooker, blogger and storyteller.

Her burning Desire

To heal the world one soul at a time.

What few people know about her

She studied to be a Chartered Accountant before destiny pulled her into Advertising and later, Coaching and Numerology.

She counsels prostitutes and children of AIDS =-infected parents.

Her key to success

To handle myself, I use my head. To handle others, I use my heart.

Making a difference is what makes me different.