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Inspirational Woman: Divya Bhatia | Proprietor & Director of Yellow Tree Training & Consulting

Tell us about yourself, your background and what you do currently

I was born in Lucknow and moved to Pune post marriage. I love to travel, listen to music, meeting new people and am very passionate about my work.Divya Bhatia

I am an accomplished Human Resources Professional with proven expertise in training, development, managerial support and employee relations. I have a Masters in Psychology which has helped greatly in becoming a behavioral analyst and using my knowledge in bringing about change. I have also gone on to complete my MBA in HR from Symbiosis University and am currently pursuing my PHD in the field of learning and development.

At present, I am the proud founder & director of a training company, Yellow Tree, Training and Consulting based out of Pune.

Tell us about any current projects or initiatives you wish to promote

Training as a profession has been taken very lightly and our end goal is to make a more structured understanding of this, ultimately creating a program that will teach people the importance and functions of a learning and development branch within an organization. To be an engineer, one needs an engineering degree, to be an executive, one prefers an MBA graduate, to be a skilled facilitator or learning & development professional one needs certain skills and competencies which will be taught and provided in this course.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

Entrepreneurship has been the biggest challenge in achieving my success as it comes with a series of it’s own challenges, a few of which are common across industries, across ideas; and are very subjective to the individual. As with anything, there are highs and lows, triumphs and tribulations and decisions to make, with only one constant: You have only yourself to rely on.

Yellow Tree has had its own share of challenges. As I say training & consulting is not a tangible product. You don’t get to feel it until you experience it. That has been one of the biggest challenges.

Most of the people are hired into the learning & development department of a business not because they possess the right skills, but because that the person can communicate well and efficiently. Communication is important, but training requires facilitation and that requires maturity of the mind and knowledge thus gets difficult to build a team of able people.

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

My biggest achievement personally has been the belief I’ve had in myself that the right seed was sown and Yellow Tree is here to grow and bear the fruits of success. The resilience and drive to start up a training & consulting business in a highly competitive industry has been a very humbling experience. Like any other journey, the road blocks have strengthened my ability to come out as a survivor every time above my competitors.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

If it wasn’t Yellow Tree, I would have been probably working in a corporate set up, most probably still a part of  a Learning and development function. I could have also been a professor in a university/college or if I was to make a wilder guess, I maybe would have started my own clothing line.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

There was a quote that I read a few years back that has kept me inspired and would like to share it with you,“To dream by night is to escape your life. To dream by day is to make it happen.” Since then I’ve been dreaming day and night and getting myself inspired.

I truly believe that. Nothing can be achieved without one’s family support . Luckily for me my husband Karn has been my greatest inspiration and has been there as my pillar of strength and pushed me to follow my dreams.

What does the future hold for you?

Change is constant and I don’t know what the future really holds for Yellow Tree, but I know the exciting times are just around the corner. The past has been great, the present has been exciting and the future will definitely be no less. We have survived, we have grown and we intend to continue doing so.

About Divya Bahta –

Armed with a Masters in Psychology, Divya Bhatia has specialized in Child and Organization Psychology. She started her career as a child counselor and a corporate trainer with a well-known educationist in Lucknow. She has since been a counselor to prestigious schools like Mayo College, Doon School, Loreto Convent, Bishop Convent and Army Schools among others, conducting numerous career counseling and personality development sessions for their students.

She carries a rich working experience with worlds second best organization listed on NASSCOM, WNS BPO where as a senior trainer, she facilitated critical behavioural and communication workshops for all levels up to the middle management. She was specially deputed to WNS Sri Lanka to conduct high end workshops on Negotiation Skills, Coaching & Mentoring, frontline leaders and others in the same league. The WNS management recognized her for her contributions, facilitation and coaching skills by presenting her the Management Recognition Award.

Divya is proficient in the areas of smart skills like communication, interpersonal behavior and behavioral training ranging from Presentation Skills, Train the Trainer, Leadership Development, Coaching, Conflict Management, First Time Managers, Being Assertive, among others. Her other achievements include certificates in Hogan Certification and Assessment, DISC Extended Profiling, Crafting White Papers, Lean Cadet and Instructional Design. She is also NLP certified. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD in the area of Training and Development.

Dealing with a range business clients such as, Govt. of UP, Vodafone, Legal Processing Outsourcing Organizations, TATA AIG, IBM, Hotel Brookside, Principal Financial Services, EXL Services, AXA Business Service, Aegon Religare, Ferrero, ICICI, Accenture, Forbes Marshall, Future Generali and many others in areas like Vision, Leadership Principles, Motivation, Emotional Intelligence, Negotiation and Influencing Skills, Coaching, Customer Service, Assertive Communication, Attitude Building and others.

Aside from training, her interests lie in listening to music and observing human behavior. Pursuing her interests, Divya has completed her first levels of Graphology and Hypnosis and has become a certified NLP consultant,   Extended DISC expert and is currently pursuing her PHD in the field of learning & development.

Divya is an extremely empathetic person and takes pride in her training believing that people sometimes limit their own progress by building barriers and self-defeating prophecies. As of this Divya finds it extremely satisfying to guide them to overcome these barriers and prophecies to enable their own growth and development.

For Divya, training is her passion and not just her profession.

This article is accredited to Ashish Bhardwaj.

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