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Inspirational Woman: Dimple Luniya | Feng Shui Practitioner

dimple LuniyaA seasoned classical feng shui practitioner and of bazi (Chinese Astrology), has trained internationally under the best Grandmasters Yap Chang Hai of the YCH Academy and MASTER JOEY YAP of Mastery Academy of Metaphysics ,Malaysia in the year 2000 and  since then has been expanding her repertoire with new courses.
A columnist with Indian express, DNA newspaper ,ME magazine, Bombay Times  she has been writing and imparting knowledge to the people regularly.
A much sought after consultant doing feng shui audits and assisting  a cross section of society with suggested changes and cures for the last twelve  years. Her client list includes renowned personalities from the film industry , corporate world, entrepreneurs, industrialists  and professionals from all across the world.
A renowned speaker, she has addressed many seminars and recently she has been on air with Hrishikesh Kannan on the radio channel 94.3, also at social gatherings extolling the virtues of feng shui. She has also imparted feng shui education and training to a host of people.
With the idea of enlightening and reaching out to a wider circle of people and making the science of feng shui more user-friendly, she  has embarked on the path and has made it her  mission in life.
She has  released a book on Classical Feng Shui known as ‘FOLLOW THE ARROW,FENG SHUI YOUR LIFE’, in Dec 2013 which is published by International  Publishing house, Harper Collins.

Tell us a little about your background

I was born and brought up in Mumbai and have been very much a MUmbai . Born in a very affluent family and stayed in the very posh locality of Juhu Scheme, the hub also of most of the Bollywood personalities. Been raised with 3 elder sisters, always felt that my parents missed the presence of a son to carry on their business empire(textile). As I grew up, I took the reigns of the business in my hands and tried to fill up for the missing son of the family. It did teach me that, whatever the gender, a woman could easily fill up the place of a male and that’s exactly what my parents started believing in after I had joined in.

Where does your passion come from in terms of Feng Shui?

After I got married,I kind of took it easy with my family business and tried to work on my marriage which I thought is very important for any young couple. Priority should be in first settling the home front and one can always catch up with work later. But I was kind of struggling to keep pace in my marriage and felt that it was falling apart. At this moment apart from from 3 year old son,I had nothing to look forward to. It so happened that I came across a piece of article on feng shui in one of the newspapers,as to how by placing a few items like plants, wind chimes,water fountain,etc and by shifting the furniture how one can change the energy of a place from negative to positive and change your own life for the better. So I started researching on this subject and this lead to my masters in Malaysia where I went for studying this subject. Have been doing feng shui since the year 2000 and have helped various people improve and bring positive energy into their lives. It has got them happiness,good health and wealth by doing all the feng shui changes I have recommended. And in return they have been so thankful to me that most of my clients call me by the name of ‘ANGEL’. Seeing how user-friendly and magical science can change everyone’s including my life for the better,I have now made it my passion in life to help change people’s life through this science. I have just written and released a book on feng shui, ‘FOLLOW THE ARROW,FENG SHUI YOUR LIFE’ published by Harper Collins so that as many people can read and learn this science so that they can better their lives.

How have you grown your business?

My business grew with a word of mouth mostly,because clients who had benefitted from this science really were thankful and put me on to their near and dear ones who were in need of some help in some sphere of their life. Besides I have been writing in a lot of newspapers,magazines,holding annual seminars and been on the radio channels also regularly. Recently on a tv channel also and been very active on the social media like Facebook,twitter and also write my blogs regularly.. Yes,there was a time when I felt that despite me doing and recommending this science a lot, I thought I had given it my all,things were just not going the way I wanted them to. That was the time I started getting very active on social media and things started moving again for me.

What advice would you give to women setting up in business?

One needs to be passionate about your business. Need excellent organisational skills especially if you are multi tasking( home,kids,work,cooking,etc)
Never involve any relative in the business
Always work on your presentation well whenever approaching anyone for funding your business or any other reason.

What is your greatest lesson that you have learnt?

I’ve always been very clear about my work(feng shui) ,that has never been a mistake.But one thing I’ve learnt from my mistakes is that one must never do any work free of charge because one’s s work is not valued till you don’t start charging.

What does the future hold for you?

I’m planning to start a TV show soon on feng shui which will be the first of its kind in India. I really need to meet the right person, as in  a programming head of any channel to make a presentation so that I can have a regular show on TV.

Find out more here –  www.dimpleluniya.com

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