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Inspirational Woman: Anshul S Bafna | Founder & CEO, Soul School | Searchlight

Anshul S Bafna

Well, I am fondly known as a Modern monk, and I have a very mixed & interesting background, so when asked about myself I usually need to counter ask the long story or short!

I was born in a Marwadi, business family, to a lovely and encouraging couple, Sunil and Heena Bafna. Mom side of my family is full of lawyers including my mom (although she pursued her career as a business woman) and my dad side all into transportation and automobile business.

Today I am a Business Psychologist, Spiritual Coach, mystic, healer & a psychic.

I wanted to become a doctor as child, so that I could help people live a better life and also studied to enter a medical school, but as fate had it I enrolled myself into BBA program in Pune. Post that I studied to be a Chartered Marketer from London School of Business and Finance, post working for some time as a marketer, I pursued my second masters from MICA (Mudra institute of communication, Ahmedabad) in advertising, the best communication school in India. I also studied to be a Clinical hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist and took on quite a few healing modalities. My interest in psychology led me to pursue my third masters degree again form London, from the University of Westminster, a Masters in science in business psychology, and there is also where I trained to be a personality profiler.

I worked for top notch multinationals in India and London, and finally decided to fulfil my life purpose of Soul School |Searchlight.

As a child when I was 11 years old, I knew there was something different and unique in me, that was there to reach and help people, however I never was able to figure out then.

Slowly being highly intuitive and a psychic from a very young age, I began understanding soul journeys, and many experiences came my way that helped me uncover many truths of us and universal functioning.

I currently work in the areas of, emotional intelligence, healing, mind transformation, leadership, work psychology, team & diversity at work, Soul awakening, karmic cleansing, healing, Neuro linguistic programing , stress management, work- life balance, mindfulness, and other areas of professional, personal, Emotional freedom techniques, past life regression, psychic readings ( tarot & angel therapy) & spiritual development.

I now coach people on their spiritual and life paths helping them understand their soul, life, karma and blueprints, learning lessons – making them calmer and self aware, mindful, stress free individuals.

I wants to spread the importance of “awakening of one’s existence”.

I deliver lessons, and discourses on internal and self development to corporates and individuals through talks and workshops.
I also, teach as a visiting faculty at many top notch universities in India, in areas of leaderships, emotional intelligence, understanding self, personality.

You speak about purpose of life, in once sentence can you tell me yours?

My purpose of life is to awaken, break and help individuals break all barriers of knowing and learned patterns exploring the true inner divine self.

ModMonk, the name is very interesting, why such a name?

Well, it’s basically because I come from a modern lifestyle background, and still live it. But at the same not attached to it anymore, following and preaching spiritual principles of living.

It was given to me by my closed ones, and then the media which stuck around for which I am very grateful.

You speak in public forums too, right?

Yes, I am invited to many public forums, seminars, to speak on psychology, behaviours, spiritual management etc. I recently spoke at a TEDx event too in Pune.

Tell us about any current projects or initiatives

Currently, I am working on three things,

First, reaching out to individuals in the corporate world who need a helping hand in understanding their spiritual, inner compass and equipping them with techniques to live a fear free, self aware and productive life through psychology, management and spiritual wisdom.

Second, I am reaching out to schools and parents to introduce the concept of spiritual parenting and spirituality for children – which looks at basic principles of game of life, through principles of Gita.

Thirdly, Soul School, which welcomes individual for healing, regression, guidance through channelling and tarot. We conduct different kinds of meditations, and discourses & soul school cafes.

What is soul school café?

We do conduct free “Soul School Cafes” is where we discuss a pre decided topic for an hour every month. It’s held at the soul school centre.

Do you run a Youtube channel?

Yes, it’s called MODMONK diaries where , I speak about daily issues in modern life incorporating it with spiritual accepts of understanding.

So, you function in multiple domains for your talks and workshops?

Yes, I do corporate, education sector, personally organised workshops and talks, individual consultations.

How, do you juggle between business psychology, spiritual coaching with psychic readings? They seem so different?

The funny bit is, I don’t juggle. I do what I need to do at that given point. It’s as natural as natural could get! In fact it’s a perfect blend!

You mentor students and others on different platforms?

Yes, I personally mentor some students whom I teach at universities, I am a mentor at University of Westminster, London for their psychology students too.

I am mentoring mothers as spiritual parenting mentor/expert on three online platforms/portal and spiritual coach mentor on another online platform.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

My biggest challenge has been, explaining people what all I do (Laugh).

Speaking modern language, traveling, teaching at universities and following spiritual (monkhood) disciplines at the same time, I have been commented on and many a times not accepted for the blend of modernization and spirituality together, where in general people have a particular set picture painted in minds when it comes to monks, or spiritual guides.

Rest no real challenge, as it’s a divine plan and the universe takes care of it. Not for me to worry!

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

Personally, I would say – starting the Soul School, a place for spiritual, individual development of people. I would say it was possible only through divine intervention, the sense of happiness and satisfaction I get from reaching out to people in need is unmatched for.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

I can’t imagine it. I can tell you for sure that I wouldn’t be this satisfied ( laugh )

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My entire life has been inspired by many along the way. The saints and god realised, have always shown me the path lighting it up in their unique manner inspiring me to do more than I could ever have imagined.

My parents, Sunil and Heena Bafna have played a big role going against the societal norms and inspired me greatly to do what make me happy and content.

What does the future hold for you?

I live in the present. Past is gone, I let go. Future is not for me to worry.

Anshul Bafna page – Facebook: www.facebook.com/anshulbafnamodmonk
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/searchlightlife
Youtube Channel: Modmonk Diaries By Anshul Bafna https://bit.ly/2rDOjUB
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/anshulbafna
Instagram: soulschool.life
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

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