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Inspirational Woman: Amisha Sethi | Author of, ‘It doesn’t hurt to be nice’

Amisha SethiWe all have purpose in life. For me the ultimate purpose is to be a better human being with each passing day. My debut book is a humble attempt to spread the message of kindness, inner peace, trust, love and fearing nothing in a fun and entertaining way.

If every person’s life is positively impacted, even just a little, after reading this book, I will be delighted and smiling bright!

My motto and the theme of the book is to just live life fearlessly and with utmost compassion and love. You are not answerable to anyone. You are absolutely complete in yourself and hence don’t seek happiness outside of you. Inner peace is what matters and simply nothing else.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

Challenges are just experiences for me. Also I strongly believe there is no success and failure. Life is about enjoying various moments that come your way. I have no regrets and have loved every bit of my experiences so far! I believe in my divinity.

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

My greatest achievement was the the day I realised the ultimate purpose of my life. My moment of truth was enthralling and I truly believe that inner peace and inside beauty is what matters. Everything else is just an illusion.

Amisha SethiWho has been your biggest inspiration?

My own self realisation and the extensive reading and research of ancient scriptures. I have read Upanishads, Vedas, Yoga Vashista, Gita, Kamasutra, ancient poets like Kabir Das and modern philosophers like Ralph Waldo Emerson. The wisdom reflected in these scriptures is timeless. It relentlessly talks about kindness, love, compassion and one’s own divinity!

What does the future hold for you?

I have no idea about my future! All I know that I will jump from one experience to another but while I do so, I will try my level best to be a good person, spreading smiles, joy and love around!

I am also penning my second book which is about soulmates and why love is the most profound feeling on the planet.

Website: www.amishasethi.com
Twitter: @amishasethi1
Facebook: Www.facebook.com/amishasethiauthor

Amisha SethiAbout the Author Amisha Sethi

Amisha Sethi is the author of ‘It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice’, which was released in September 2015. Amisha has extensively researched ancient scriptures. In this book, she uses humorous, dramatic and enthralling experiences of a young girl to understand the ultimate purpose of life – to be a better human with each passing day.

Amisha has been a marketing and business leader with extensive experience in brand marketing, strategy and international consumer marketing. She held the position of CMO global with a software MNC in 2014, was chief commercial officer at AirAsia in 2013 and Director of Brand Marketing Asia at BlackBerry where she spent seven years. Amisha has won number of awards and recognition for her work in marketing in APAC including the “young women rising star” at world women leadership congress 2014, and top 50 most talented brand leaders of India. She is an alumni of Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Chicago and also an MBA from Amity Business School and a science graduate from Delhi University.

About the Book

‘It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice’ is about rediscovering life with sprays of comedy served with a pinch of salt and sugar! Amisha attempts to spread the message of kindness, love, happiness and being beautiful inside out using dramatic and hilarious experiences of the character ‘Kiara’. This is a first of its kind book where teachings of ancient scriptures and global philosophers are transcended in the simplest form to reach millions of young people in a fun and entertaining way. She uses simple experiences to drive the concepts of professional compassion in work life, fearing nothing, mastering thought, the art of detachment and being kind and compassionate.

This article was provided by WeAreTheCity Delhi Committee Member Ashish Bhardwaj.

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