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Inspirational Woman: Gunjan Gaur | Executive Director at ALPS Beauty Clinic & Academies

ALPS Beauty

Gunjan Gaur is a renowned personality in the world of beauty and wellness. Having worked with various top models, TV artists, Bollywood Celebrities of India, Cricket Stars (including MS Dhoni); she has indeed earned to be called, an authority on the subject of beauty. The lady is presently known as India’s best Permanent Makeup Expert, Celebrity Makeup Expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics & Academies, India’s leading Beauty Care & Education Brand. More than her ALPS Beauty dynamic entrepreneurial skills and astute business sense, Gunjan contributes to the growth of her organization, Bharti Taneja’s ALPS, through expert specializations in Permanent Makeup, Bridal Makeup and Salon Management.

Gunjan also mentors the contestants of Beauty Pageants like; Femina Miss India (North), Mrs. India Worldwide etc and train the models for beauty, hair and makeup. The lady through her astute sense of teaching is a part of training structure in firms like; Dabur, Fem, Vatika, Body Shop, Amway, AHA, Frankfinn and several other government/non-government polytechnics. Apart from this, she is also involved in designing the syllabus module for beauty related courses for CBSE for senior level classes and also in various other polytechnics approved by Government of India.

With her immense efforts, hard work and honesty, she has managed to chisel her name in golden letters in the beauty industry.

Tell us about yourself, your background and what you do currently

My voyage in the beauty business began right after the day ALPS was started, long back in the year 1988. I think I was destined to be in this industry and becoming a beauty professional was a part of my genes. Therefore, as soon as I finished my schooling, I got myself enrolled for a course in Food & Nutrition in Lady Irwin College of Delhi University. While pursuing my graduation, I started getting involved in my mother’s business. I always wanted to explore what else could be done to expand and enhance this industry and that is how I came up with the concept of doctors in this chain of beauty clinics. I was also very much keen to know and have a deep understanding of all the departments and operations of the firm. So I officially joined my mother’s business as a receptionist and the process of learning for me began from there itself. Today, when I am heading ALPS as its Executive Director, I rejoice every moment of my journey. But I am a strong believer of the fact that learning should never stop. This was the reason I got myself enrolled for a course in permanent makeup in my academy & that has truly helped me evolve as a makeup artist.

Tell us about any current projects or initiatives you wish to promote?

Currently we are focusing on the expansion of ALPS Pan-India. Our target is to open approximately 60 outlets across India by May 2017. Furthermore, we also want to go beyond Indian boundaries and explore all possible opportunities for the growth of ALPS.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

The biggest challenge for me was to carve my own ways in the already established family business and make a name for myself. Though I was blessed to have the opportunity to start a smooth sail in my journey because of my mother’s (Mrs. Bharti Taneja) business, the rest of the journey has not been easy! In fact I completely disagree with this popular notion that people with business backgrounds get it easy in establishing their business as they get everything in legacy! But as far as I believe, nothing is unachievable if you have the will and wish. And not to forget, that hard work is the key to success and this has constantly helped me face all the challenges and get through.

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

To be able to make people feel beautiful about themselves is my biggest achievement. For instance, when I do permanent eyebrow makeup on women who have recovered from cancer and lost their brows during their chemotherapy session, it feels like I am not only working on their outer beauty but also helping them enhance their lost confidence. Their happiness and blessings fill my heart with contentment. Things like this help you get motivated and work harder.

Talking about professional achievements, I have been awarded with “Woman with Outstanding Creativity Award” and “Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award”. All this alleviates your growth as an individual on both- personal and professional levels and inspires me to do more and more.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

To be very honest, this is probably the first time I am thinking about doing something outside the beauty industry. I have never really considered taking anything else as my profession because I have been involved with this industry for a long time and it runs in the blood. But now that I think about it, I guess I would have either been associated with designing apparels for men or jewellery for women. Both the fields have a major creative side which I would have wanted to explore.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?ALPS Beauty

My inspiration forever is and will be my mother, Mrs. Bharti Taneja. I not only adore her because she is my mother but because she is the most hard working and honest woman I have ever come across. I have seen her working round the clock, diligently and honestly. Because of her grounded attitude towards life she has been able to achieve such heights.

What does the future hold for you?

In the future I’d like to see ALPS emerge as one of the biggest names in the beauty industry all across India and even outside India.

On a personal level, I definitely want to grow as a better individual and a responsible citizen of the country.


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