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Inspirational Woman: Shobhna Juneja | Yoga Teacher at Yoga Sadhaka

Tell us about yourself, your background and what you do currently


Photographer: Sandeep Gupta

An explorer. An enigma. An emotional & expressive human being.

To elaborate, the very place I am exploring right now is myself. I wish to know what moves me and how deeply. I wish to challenge myself. And most importantly, I wish to be happy and spread happiness all around. So my life’s mission and all the work I do are in the quest of happiness, love and beauty.

I hail from a small town of Punjab state of India, called Fazilka. I am proud of the fact that I grew up in a small town; that’s where I nurtured this belief that we all are extraordinary and exemplary. I am a strong, upfront, clear, transparent, daring and hard working individual with a strong belief in the goodness of life and people. Whatever I am today, it is because of the time and goodness invested in me by my parents. My dad is a government employee, whereas my mom has shifted many roles as an entrepreneur/ teacher/ librarian and her most permanent being a home manager. I had done fairly well in studies and even bagged a nice corporate job as I finished my studies. But Yoga became my passion and calling; so here I am teaching Yoga in the Chandigarh tricity and connecting deeper with myself through life….which I always wanted.

Tell us about any current projects or initiatives you wish to promote

I wish to promote positivity and awareness on two most important things in context of women’s health – first is depression and second is PCOD. A woman’s body is sophisticated and so are her mind & her emotions. No wonder, women tend to succumb to the worldly pressures and fall in depression trap. The worst is that women often do not recognise this for fear of being regarded diseased or ridiculed by the society. But depression can be fatal and living with it is suffocating. Secondly, PCOD (and related issues) is something which needs our immediate attention. I believe that through Yoga, awareness, counselling, combining modern & Ayurvedic medicine and bringing a change in our lifestyle, we can fight back both the problems.

I want to launch my Yoga Talks series dedicated to making everyone understand the real essence of yoga and how yoga can practically give solution to almost everything in life.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?


Photographer: Sandeep Gupta

My biggest challenge has been to go beyond the preconceived notions. Like everyone else, I did face some major problems breaking the stereotypes.

My biggest challenge has always been finding my own inherent weakness and fighting against them. How I transformed myself from a lazy, hopeless and self-depreciating girl to a super active, extra positive and highly confident person speaks volumes about me facing all such challenges head-on.

Recently, I faced the challenge of finding out my own personal space for teaching yoga.

And more often, I feel challenged asking for the right money for my work; teachers and trainers in this industry are exploited a lot at times. I wish I can take a stand against pseudo culture whereby people spend thousands in one night-out eating or drinking healthy stuff but crib when asked to pay a small amount for YOGA class!

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

My own evolution! Like I always say – Numbers are for the professionals; for passionate people, ‘Now’ matters. The media coverage and likes and stuff are temporary but the change that is coming within is the biggest achievement for me. I feel that the joy & confidence brimming out of me sans all judgements and opinions. Most importantly, I do not judge my own self or anyone else. I see beauty in every life form and I go with the flow of life. Can any other achievement surpass this personal growth? I don’t think so.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

I could be doing so many things but for sure, I would be doing Yoga as well. I hold a post graduation is Mass Communication so I could be a Radio Jockey as I love to speak or I might be working in for television/theatre. Or Perhaps I would have been teaching kids at school or college. But whatever profession I might have chosen, I would have taken the support of Yoga and Meditation to excel.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?


Photographer: Sandeep Gupta

Who can it be besides my mother! She has seen the toughest circumstances herself and I salute her spirit. I think I owe my strength to her. She has given approval for my distinct choices, my career and she is the one who helped me explore the spiritual part of me. I feel proud when I share that my mom fought against her depression and shed out the weight she had put on with this disorder. Her ‘never-say-die’ attitude motivates me 24X7.

What does the future hold for you?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, ‘Now’ is what matters to me most. But few years from now, yes, I see myself as the ‘Yogini of India’. I want to be one of the best yoga teachers of this world and want to live my life truly, most beautifully, healthy. My biggest desire is to pay back to the society and country which has given me such abundance. I wish to do that through Yoga and Meditation. I will surely work in this direction in times to come.



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