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Inspirational Woman: Kavea R Chavali: Anchor, Presenter, Voice over Artist

Kavea R Chavali is an electrical engineer by qualification and an award winning Anchor/presenter by choice and dedication. She believes in the saying ‘Formal education makes you a living, self education makes you a fortune’ Her elegance, passion, intelligence and her extensive experience across a gamut of functions over the years makes her one of the most trusted names in the LIVE events industry.

Tell us about yourself, your background and what you do currently

I hail from a defence background and that ensures I have lived a life out of suitcase from the very start of my life. My father is a retired Naval officer and my mother has been a homemaker. The best part was that I came personalised in this world with a twin sister, Ramya Rao, She is currently a corporate manager in a leading Indian organisation. Well they say sometimes miracles come in pairs….

I have been living independently since I was 16, thanks to moving out of my home to study engineering in REC (Warangal) now known as NIT Warangal and did my graduation in electrical engineering. I am also an avid sportsperson having excelled in swimming and badminton and been a trained Kuchipudi dancer.

Currently I am an anchor/presenter and a voice over Artist artist having hosted more than 1300 shows across the globe and IVRs, documentaries and for animated films.

 Tell us about any current projects or initiatives you wish to promote

I am all set to host some fantastic shows in the LIVE events space. My mother, twin sister and I have collaborated on our online retail brand KALANECA. This initiative of ours is to promote the craftsmanship and weavers of Uppada (Andhra). I am passionate about Sarees and our venture has been doing tremendously well.

I also own a jewelry brand LOKAJEWELS wherein the concept was to connect with the local karigars across the world and bring their designs to jewelry lovers online. Traveling to exotic destinations makes me pursue my entrepreneurial passions too.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

I burnt my bridges when I took the plunge to move to Mumbai, surviving in a small PG (paying guest accommodation). I put all my savings from my previous job in a film/acting course just because I wanted to hone some skills. Taking the local transport and buying bread and cucumber /tomatoes for my meals. This happened for two years and I kept trying to fill in doing different jobs thanks to my multiple talents.

Someone I knew commented that ‘You need to be deserving to stay in Mumbai’. Those 2 years were all about defeating my demons of doubt & self-confidence. The biggest challenge was not just physical but a mental one to overcome with the belief that I will not give up and I will shine.

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

Well there are many milestones in my life that I am humbled about, including :-

  • Being an All India Best Cadet representing my state Andhra’s Pradesh at the Republic Day Parade NCC -Delhi
  • Being one of the youngest corporate trainers in a top Indian MNC
  • Having produced and Anchored my own show and doing this without a journalism degree. I am a quick learner and I think that helped me adapt to television and learn the nuances very well.
  • Being a recipient of the RASHTRIYA SANMAN AWARD IN 2012 for my contribution to the events industry.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you be doing?

I wouldn’t trade this career path I chose for anything else! But I always wanted to join the Indian Navy and become the 1st woman Chief of Naval Staff. I would have made for an excellent officer thanks to my fantastic sports and NCC background. This was one of my secret dreams I cherished as a Naval kid myself.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Undoubtedly my family. My parents have always encouraged me to follow my interests. After studying electrical engineering, I moved into HCL technologies, after which I joined television. I went ahead to do theatre and short films, I taught dance to students, performed contemporary dance on stage and was freelancing as a corporate trainer. While to many this would have come across as a vagabond life, they only insisted I enjoy & learn from my experiences and be proud of it. They never questioned my unsettled & adventurous moves because they trusted me. Their trust in me inspires me to do better.

What does the future hold for you?

A lot of globe trotting thanks to my shows. A lot of travelling for self as well. I am an explorer at heart. Projects pertaining to television and online videos are in the pipleline. And of course taking my entrepreneurial venture to greater heights.





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