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Inspirational Woman: Ms. Ameera Shah | Managing Director and Promoter at Metropolis

Ameera Shah is the Promoter and Managing Director of Metropolis Healthcare Ltd, an integrated chain of pathology laboratories across India, South Asia, Africa and Middle East.

Metropolis today has over 150 state of the art laboratories and more than 1000 patient service centers across India, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Kenya, Ghana and Zambia. Reputed for its quality and accuracy of reports, Metropolis is one amongst the top 1% laboratories across the globe on quality indicators.

Metropolis conducts 30 million tests every year and caters to over 20,000 laboratories and 2,00,000 doctors and consultants across these markets. Supported by a team of over 4500 members, Metropolis today has one of the largest test menu offering more than 4500 varieties of tests and test combinations.

Under her leadership, Metropolis has been the first to create a sustainable business model for pathology, the first to traverse in to emerging markets & the first to implement global standards of quality in all its processes & systems.

Ms. Shah is not only a propagator of organisational empathy and gender sensitivity, but is also is an active financial investor and a business mentor, who is passionate about the women empowerment cause. As a business leader, who has paved her own path to excellence, she is committed to supporting budding women entrepreneurs to unshackle from societal stereotypes and grow their business by leaps and bounds. An international and National Awards winner, Ms Shah has won some reputed honors from Bloomberg, Entrepreneur India, Economic Times, Spencer Stuart, Forbes Asia, World Economic Forum among others.

Tell us about yourself, your background and what you do currently:

I started off with my career at the age of 21. I had a rocky start when I had begun work on my brainchild, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd. Overcoming hurdles on this journey became commonplace, but Metropolis pushed ahead by aiming to build a strong base with no corporate brand, minimal capital and no employees. However each of the challenges faced was a step forward as I have successfully managed to transform Metropolis Healthcare from a single lab in Mumbai to a chain of 135 laboratories across India.

My primary vision has been making international standard pathology affordable and accessible to customers across all socioeconomic backgrounds.

In addition to this, I’m inclined towards and passionate about the women empowerment cause.

I believe that supporting budding women entrepreneurs to unshackle from societal stereotypes, will not only help them grow their business by leaps and bounds but in turn also result in inspiring others to follow suit.

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

Challenges have been multifold. Being a woman in a male dominated business is not easy. It is even more difficult in a country like ours where women are brought up in a very protected environment.

Challenges and problems are a part of every entrepreneur’s life, and are needed to motivate and inspire entrepreneurs to stand tall during tough times and persevere ahead. The hurdles I faced as a budding entrepreneur consisted of complex legal agreements and selling my belief as well as credibility to investors. With no previous experience to support this, undeterred I raised my first round of private equity to expand the business inorganically at the age of 25. At this stage, I chose to tread carefully in fear of the unknown world of legal commitments to financial investors. Eventually I learnt that the journey to the top never happens in the blink of an eye and is a continuous process that has multiple stepping stones.

What has been your greatest achievement personally?

Watching my business grow with 4500 people across 150 laboratories and more than 5000 centres in emerging markets, undoubtedly is my greatest achievement. More than this, today what gives me satisfaction is that Metropolis is able to give its customers the most accurate pathology report. We are responsible for accurate diagnosis and we are taking every step possible to make it as accurate as possible.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is none other than my father Dr. Sushil Shah.

What does the future hold for you?

I have immense hopes for the future in terms of expansion on a global scale. My daily dose of inspiration is taken from our customers who recognise the integrity, accuracy and empathy that Metropolis provides them with, in their time of need. 



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