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Inside Fab BAG: Vineeta Singh | Beauty Entrepeneur

Vineeta SinghAt 23, Vineeta Singh was featured on the cover of THE WEEK for being the first and youngest b-school grad to decline a Rs. 1 Cr placement offer from a global investment bank to start up her own HR services company. Seven years hence and now in her 2nd venture, this IIT Madras/IIM Ahmedabad graduate has made a habit of pushing herself to achieve success – whether it be at building India’s largest beauty subscription service, FAB BAG or being the only 3rd Indian woman to complete the 89km Comrades Ultra-marathon, two years in a row.

Born in Gujarat, Vineeta grew up in Delhi and went on to IIT Madras to complete her Electrical Engineering degree before heading on to the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad to complete a gold-plated resume. What follows should have been a fat salary at a blue chip MNC, however, with age on her side, she knew that the time was right to plunge headfirst into entrepreneurship. The next seven years have been a blur of planning and executing the most ambitious of plans and as she frankly admits “lots and lots of hours”. That is the reason why she stands tall amongst 1st-generation women entrepreneurs in the country who have a life time of opportunities still ahead of them.

In her first start up, Vineeta ran an HR outsourcing business for 5 years before exiting the business to launch FAB BAG  in 2012, that would grow to become India’s largest beauty subscription service within a small timespan of 2 years. Through her venture, she offers beauty & grooming “subscription packages” via which members receive a curated “FAB BAG” with beauty & cosmetics products from global brands every month at their doorstep. While signing up, members are asked to fill in a short questionnaire which helps our experts in selecting products that the member is highly likely to love. With 100+ beauty brands on board, she has managed to build a brand that is much-loved by thousands of women across India and you can see that with 125,000+ fans on Facebook  and 2,300+ followers on Twitter

I traveled around the world, spoke to tonnes of women and pretty soon knew that this would really help women like me in India

Speaking of how it all started, she says, “As a beauty buyer I was always tempted to buy the glossy, international brands that had come up in all our malls, but wasn’t sure of which brands to trust and what products would work well for me. I also hated the sales pitches in the retail outlets – they always seemed biased. So, I was looking for an idea that can solve this problem for every beauty buyer, who can afford high quality products, but doesn’t want to waste her money on something that doesn’t work for her. I heard from a couple of friends in the US about a model that solves this problem. So, I travelled around the world, spoke to tonnes of women and pretty soon knew that this would really help women like me in India”

Within a year of launch, FAB BAG has become the trusted beauty service for thousands of women. Vineeta expects this number to grow to a few lakhs over the next 2-3 years, where her brand would collectively be seen as not just one of the largest beauty communities in the world, but also an activist community that helps women become as confident as they deserve to be – in all spheres of life.

Find out more about what’s brewing at the hottest beauty portal by clicking www.fabbag.com of keep up with them on their social pages:

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