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In Pursuit of Perfection, Enjoy the Journey | Vinita Ramtri


vinita ramtriI’m dipping my toes into the world of modelling and have done some photo shoots.

Below are some snippets from what some photographers say:

‘I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I would like to capture the real you. We need the emotion,’ says one photographer.

‘Arch your back, chin up, sorry but I’m a bit OCD, we need perfection,’ says another.

‘Photography is all about the light, the lighting here is just perfect,’ says yet another.

And I smile to myself, constantly amazed at how each photographer seeks perfection in a unique way; capturing the same person so differently, based on how they view perfection. Though going by what most agencies seek, at 154cms in height, I’m anything but perfect; often even ineligible.

The conversations made me wonder though, what perfection is all about. While so many of us seek for perfection in our own way, how do we learn to accept our loved ones as they are, even with their imperfections?

From what I gather, perfection, as a noun, could be an absolute or a relative.

For example, according to a research cited in Daily Star, the ‘perfect woman’ (based on looks alone) would be a combination of Angelina Jolie, Cara Delevingne, Kate Middleton and Helen Mirren. But of course when we find the people perfect for us, we ignore our specs and fall for completely unexpected qualities, even silly quirks.

Interestingly, Wikihow has an article called ‘How to be the Perfect Teen Girl’ amongst many similar articles. It has several criteria and based on that list, my teenager has just declared herself 80% perfect. To me, though, she is a 100% perfect – no checklist required.

People also often associate perfection with homes. In an effort to find the perfect home,Tech Insider asked Pinterest to share the most popular ‘home’ pins covering categories like exteriors and living rooms. Much to their surprise, instead of big mansions or country homes, the most popular dream home was a simple family home. But then again, that too may not be what you would call perfect.

And then there is the verb, which means ‘to perfect something’.

In this context, complete perfection is rarely ever fully attained and is used as a goal to propel improvement as we continue to better ourselves. In my view though, as we get closer to the goal, we often raise the bar again because we begin to revel in the act of perfecting rather wanting to relax in the complacency of having attained perfection. Often as I work out, people how perfect I want to become, e.g. a certain target weight. For me, it’s feeling in my core not a number on the scale. And I know that when I get there, I always want more. There’s just something mesmerising about never ending pursuit.

Bringing it all together, I believe that while perfection is considered to be the ultimate accomplishment, imperfection is perfection to a beautiful perspective. True inspiration lies less in the finished articles and more in the stories of progress, pursuit and perspective behind them.

Finally, you may think that my article is perfect or that it needs perfecting. A little note with feedback would be – dare I say it – perfect.

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