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Technology & Wellness | Shubhi Srivastava

Technology and WellnessIn this fast paced world, where we all are surrounded with gizmos and gadgets; we can send messages and mails with just a click to people far away from us; where with one call we can have a face-to-face conversation with people sitting in different countries; we can travel thousands of kilometres in a few hours and even household work can be done in minutes without even being present; it all requires a little bit of monitoring but we still say we don’t have time.

With all this technology around us, life has been made a lot easier but it has given us a lot of side effects too. We just don’t like to do much physical activity and are getting so used to this technology that our tolerance level to nature is becoming zero. God only knows what will happen to our future generations. Even working out in open gardens and parks has been replaced by fancy gyms and studios.

We are using technology in all the aspect of life, be it at our workplace or at home, but we are not it well enough when it comes to our wellness. 80% of people don’t give importance to their wellness till it reaches an alarming situation. Very similarly, we are not giving importance to how easy it is to achieve wellness with technology. The main reason to this is lack of our basic knowledge to wellness. 70-80% of people don’t know the effect of food (calories) on their body and hence they don’t even give importance to monitor it as well. Similarly, we don’t know how much cardio will burn how many calories for us to reduce that extra weight which lies with us, so again forget about monitoring it. We don’t actually care about timings so we don’t put reminders to make it happen.

With so much technology in our hands only, our phones and similar gadgets, which actually makes it so easy for us to monitor and keep a track of our wellbeing without even doing many efforts for it, but we are still getting away from wellness each passing day.

That is alarming!

“But where there is a problem, lies a solution for it” and the solution to this is to innovate wellness, which will be the feature of my next blog.

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