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Sometimes I wonder if I could see into the future, would I avoid all my mistakes?

Who would I allow to enter my life and what I would do with my life to avoid all those things that caused me pain?

Hope FeatureThen I think what if I could really see the future but not have the ability to change anything? That would be disastrous!

It would take away the most important tool we use to survive this life – hope. Hope for something better, less painful, more fulfilling, more rewarding. Hope for everything to be all right one day. Hope that bad times are temporary and good times will last. Hope for it to be all worth it in the end.

When I go through a painful phase, I am always hoping for it to pass quickly, be it something life changing or even a bad breakout of acne on my face! I am always in anticipation of better times for the mess to clear up eventually.

What would happen if that hope was taken away? If we all know that this is as good as it gets and there are no better, simpler and more fulfilling times ahead. What if my acne won’t ever clear up and will only get worse? What if I won’t lose any weight and in fact gradually become obese?

It is scary to see someone die alone, or have a painful end to an unhappy life. Did they stop trying to find happiness or did they try really hard and finally gave up?

When we lose hope we lose the will to try and we stop living, loving, wanting, growing.

We basically halt the process of living.

Hence the mystery of life and future is so essential to our own existence and to the existence of this world.

Hope gives us reason to live.
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