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Happy Birthday WeAreTheCity India!

International Women’s Day is a doubly special day for us at WeAreTheCity India as it’s also our birthday! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday WATC IndiaWe can scarcely believe that it has been exactly two years since we launched our platform to support and encourage professional women across India. We hosted our first event at the Totes Racecourse in Mumbai on this day in 2014 and were delighted at the turn out of women and men eager to find out what we were planning.

Since then we have hosted flagship events each year and multiple networking events to bring women and men together under a common objective to inspire women to be all they can be. We have a social media presence of almost 6,000 members and are supported by a network of committee members, bloggers, contributors and corporate supporters from chapters in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and soon, Pune.

Our Indian teams are faithfully managed by local Indian women, Jo Gaglani and Tejal Gandhi – two of our first members who attended our launch event with founder Vanessa and I. We still enjoy corporate sponsorship from EY and have an amazing event partnership with Marriott India. Without the support of these key individuals and corporate supporters we would not have been able to reach the number of women we have and for that we are extremely grateful.

We do however like to call ourselves an international organisation these days as the technical work, web design, content publishing and artwork are managed exclusively from our London WATC offices with founders Vanessa and Stewart Vallely at the helm. I also moved back to London about a year ago but I am still as invested in the platform as ever and plan to keep coming back to India to celebrate with my Indian friends.

RS-SQUARE-WHITE-INDIABut we really hope the best is yet to come! We have just today announced the launch of our Rising Star Awards – a unique awards program targeted at junior women in the pipeline – women who will ultimately be the future leaders of tomorrow. These awards are already in their second year in the UK and have highlighted some amazing women with incredible potential. We look forward to rolling these awards out in the next few months and will be counting on all of you to nominate talented women.

For now I wish you all a fabulous International Women’s Day and thank you once again for sharing your incredible stories with us.

Here are some of the photos taken from the launch event for WeAreTheCity India two years ago!

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