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Handling fears before public speaking

Public speaking in IndiaSome of us have very deep-rooted fears and anxieties when it comes to public speaking, especially if it’s not one of our natural talents and we have to work hard at developing the skill. Even if public speaking comes naturally to us, we can still understandably get nervous at the thought of standing on a stage under some bright lights and giving a speech with everyone in the room looking at us. Whatever your level of apprehension about speaking in public, here are a few things to consider that can help you manage your fears.

1.    How Do You Want to Come Across?

How do you want people to see you? It could be to do with the type of suit or hairstyle you want to be seen sporting. It could be to do with wanting to come across as powerful, punchy and confident.

2.    Rehearsing Gives You Confidence

Once you know how you want to project yourself, take plenty of time to rehearse regularly in the run up to the event. Before the big day you want to get that positive confidence that comes from knowing you can do this. Rehearsing is the best way of ensuring that you’re confident in your ability to pull this off.

3.    Mind Your Language

As you rehearse your speech, cut out from your language what you don’t want to hear yourself say. This might include, for example, any words, phrases or terms that project an inauthentic version of you or that might be misinterpreted by the type of audience you’ll be addressing.

4.    Checking Out the Venue

Make sure you’re familiar with where you’re going to be doing this talk beforehand. Maybe travel to the location or check out the room where you’re going to be speaking. It puts you in control of your surroundings on the day if you already know what to expect, rather than you having to deal with a brand new environment in the moment.

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